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What Do We Do?

Astrology Season About Us

Welcome to Astrology Season.

Our growing team of experienced astrologers and independent researchers share their knowledge on zodiac signs, compatibility between signs, natal chart report meanings and much more!

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Owner Information is a trading name of the company Hopnetic Limited, registered in England.

Company number: 12564062.

Registered office address: First Floor, Unit 12 Compass Point, Ensign Way, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO31 4RA.

Our Story – Why Astrology Season?

The position of the stars and planets at the moment of our birth help us understand our innate desires, characteristics and personality traits. Their continuous movement reveal the forces that are at play in our lives and the world.

Understanding their energy can help us anticipate what to expect in the coming season.

Astrology Season is dedicated to helping our readers to seize the reigns of their lives through astrological knowledge.

Understand behavioural cycles that are hard to break because of their innate nature. Identify how your energy interacts with those of the people around you. See what challenges the coming seasons will be throwing your way…

Meet The Team

Jessica Suess – Independent Writer

Jessica Suess - Author at Astrology Season

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JessicaSuess

Jessica has had a keen interest in the esoteric since she was a teenager, studying and practising for many years.

More recently, she has become interested in how new age practices can be used to boost confidence and self-esteem, and help people take control of their lives and their mindsets.

An Australian abroad, Jessica has a Masters from the University of Oxford where she studied ancient religions and cult practices. After graduating, she worked for the Oxford University Museums for several years.

She now lives in Brazil where she works as a freelance writer, translator and Capoeirista.

Cynthia Thinnes – Professional Astrologer

Cynthia Thinnes - Author at Astrology Season

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @cynthia_thinnes

Cynthia Thinnes has practiced astrology for over 35 years. Her first astrology teacher was her mother, and she started casting charts by hand when she was 12 years old. Cynthia spent many years studying and honing her craft, and on June 4, 1998, she passed the Level II Examination of the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Later she became interested in Classical Western methods and practices and studied under P. James Clark, receiving a Certificate of Proficiency (With Distinction) in Essential Classical Astrology on November 22, 2006.

In addition to her astrological studies, Cynthia went to law school and practiced Family Law for 10 years. She retired from the practice of law in 2013 and is currently a Professional Astrologer and a writer. Cynthia’s experience with couples going through divorce gave her a deep practical understanding of relationships and their pitfalls. She brings this understanding to her practice when working with astrological compatibility.

In recent years, Cynthia has studied Traditionalist philosophy and metaphysics. She also speaks Japanese and has been studying Swedish, Latin, and Ancient Greek.

Recently, Cynthia took Chris Brennan’s course on Zodiacal Releasing. She also took A Crash Course in Indian Astrology from Kepler College and passed with distinction.

Information on the services that Cynthia Thinnes offers can be found here.

Editorial Guidelines & Publishing Principles

At Astrology Season, our objective is to provide unique, educational and inspiring content to help people find answers and solve problems. We also publish entertaining content for our readers enjoyment.​

Our experienced team of Astrologers, Numerologists and enthusiasts strive to keep our content free of conflicts or ethical concerns.

If you have any concerns about any of our articles, or how they can be improved, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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