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Aries and Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Aries Friendship Compatibility

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When Aries and Aries form a friendship, ambitious Aries might find a kindred spirit. Who can understand complicated Aries better than another Aries?

Both highly independent, they might fail to make a connection. But if they do make a bond, it is one that is likely to last. This is not because they are heavily invested in it, but rather because they are both very understanding, and will stick by someone when the times are tough.

Mutual interests ★★★★★

Loyalty ★★★★☆

Fun & Excitement ★★★★☆

Likelihood to last ★★★★☆

Bond ★★☆☆☆

Are Aries and Aries Compatible as Friends?

An Aries and Aries friendship is relatively rare. Aries are very focussed on themselves and find it hard to form long-lasting friendships.

As Aries both sit in the same section of the Astrological chart, their matching polarity can deflect rather than attract, much like a magnet. However, when two Aries do form a friendship it is likely to be harmonious and last the test of time as their aspects overlap.

They both tend to be looking for the same thing from the friendship. It will probably be based on a shared social circle or interest, and may not seem intensely deep.

But when their overlapping aspects start to rub, it can result in a sudden and heated conflict, fueled by the fact that Aries is a fire sign. There can be fireworks. But they are always willing to forgive, and stand by each other when times are tough.

Mutual Interests

One of the Cardinal signs, in the case of Aries, this manifests as a very firm interest in themselves. They do tend to be at the egotistical end of the spectrum. But this is something that Aries understands and accepts in other people. Plus, they have no problem passing the day talking about themselves.

One of the Fire signs, and ruled by Mars, Aries has a hot temper, and enjoys picking a good fight. This does mean that two Aries will tend to argue a lot, but they are both thick-skinned and forgiving. For them, arguing is just a way of deepening their relationship.

Incredibly competitive, they both tend to like sports and other physical challenges. They are both fearless and enjoy trying anything new and different. They will often bond over these dynamic shared experiences.

Aries tend to form friendships with people with whom they have common interests. They might be on the same sporting team, go to the same gym, or work together.

This is because Aries is so focussed that they often don’t have a lot of time to form friendships outside their core day-to-day. But these things that they have in common give their friendship a strong anchor.


Aries aren’t always the most loyal of friends. Nothing is more important to Aries than what they want and need. While they aren’t malicious, and would never consciously choose to hurt someone else, they are often so focussed on themselves that they don’t realize the impact that their actions have on others.

They could trample over their best friend on their way to their destination and not even realize. They are also unlikely to let themselves feel overly guilty afterward.

However, Aries is very understanding. They believe that everyone needs to do what it is that they need to do. For this reason, they would never turn their back on a friend, no matter what they did. They are able to accept that everyone has a dark side.

For this reason, two Aries might find an equilibrium that others will struggle to understand.

Fun & Excitement

Aries can seem like they are very serious. They are goal-oriented and competitive and they always have their head in the game. But in reality, they are fun-loving souls, it is just that their idea of fun always involves winning. No one understands this better than another Aries, so they can bond over their idea of “fun”.

Their highly competitive nature means that there must always be a winner between the two, which can be the source of minor disagreements. However, it is generally good-natured, and the loser looks forward to being the one on top next time.

Both are fearless, so with another Aries, they have a partner in crime to live out their more adventurous ideas.

Likelihood to Last

Aries can struggle to make and hold onto friends in general. While Aries’ natural charisma may attract many people to them in the first instance, their intense and apparent focus on themselves can put many off.

Add to this the fact that they are terrible at reading people, and they are often putting their foot in it and pushing people away. They are generally happy on their own, so it is actually not something that they worry about too much.

However, an Aries’ friendship with another Aries is more likely to last than most. This is because Aries is not a very demanding friend, and they have a thick skin, so they aren’t likely to take anything that another Aries says or does too personally.

They understand that people are complicated and do things for complicated reasons that are not always obvious. They are generally willing to accept this and maintain their friendship, even when the times are tough.


Aries is intensely independent and primarily occupied with their own ambitions and challenges. This means that they are not always looking for someone to form a deep bond with. They aren’t the type of person who wants to share their every thought and feeling with others. They want friends who can join them for the fun things.

With two Aries, neither of whom are really looking to form a deep bond, they can just completely fail to connect. If they do make a connection, it can tend towards superficial, as it is more about doing things together than sharing the deeper parts of themselves.

Aries and Aries Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Aries can find a very passionate partner in another Aries. They are both deep lovers, and adventurous when it comes to life in general, which makes for an exciting connection. However, they both also have a fiery temper and a tendency to pick a fight when something is bugging them, so arguments can be frequent and heated.

While the two are likely to share a lot of interests, especially physical activity and sports, they are often better off doing these things separately. This is because their intensely competitive nature extends to one another.

This can be playful, as they try to outdo each other with the perfect anniversary gift, but it can also spill over into unhealthy behaviors.

The two are likely to lead very separate lives, each pursuing their own careers and goals, and having their own group of friends. They enjoy having their independence, but also knowing that they have a rock at home who will always be there for them, no matter what.