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Aries and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

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Close friendships between Aries and Cancer are relatively rare as they are just too different. These two zodiac signs lack mutual interests and they have completely different outlooks on the world, so any initial contact is unlikely to result in a deep bond or a lasting friendship.

But that doesn’t mean that Aries and Cancer can’t have a lot of fun and excitement together. According to astrology, this friendship is one of “doing” and shared-friendship groups, rather than one based on deep compatibility and a strong bond.

Overview of the Aries and Cancer Friendship Compatibility:

  • Mutual Interests:  ★☆☆☆☆
  • Loyalty: ★★★☆☆
  • Fun & Excitement: ★★★★☆
  • Likelihood to Last: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Bond: ★★★★☆

Are Aries and Cancer Compatible as Friends?

Aries and Cancer do not tend to be very compatible as friends, as the zodiac sign of war lacks the sensitivity to win Cancer’s trust. Both Aires and Cancer also like to be in control, so they often find themselves at loggerheads.

But when the universe does conspire to bring these two zodiac signs together in friendship, their differences can mean that they complement one another nicely. Cancer can help Aries to be a bit more community-minded, and Aries can teach Cancer that, sometimes, it is OK to put themselves first.

Mutual Interests

While Aries and Cancer may find that they have certain superficial things in common, they are on completely different wavelengths when it comes to what really counts.

Aries are independent, individualistic, and spend most of their time thinking about themselves, and how they can make their personal dreams come true. They are terrible at reading people and seeing things from other people’s perspectives.

Cancer, on the other hand, is highly intuitive. They also believe that it is the people that they surround themselves with in life that make them. Their relationships are what matters to them most. They struggle to understand people like Aries who don’t understand the concept of community before self.


If Aries and Cancer do find themselves within each other’s orbits, they can find a surprisingly level of loyalty, though neither might really understand and value what they have.

Cancer, once they have started to consider someone to be family, or part of their inner circle, will bend over backward to help them in any way possible.

Unlike Aries, who tends to be lazy when it comes to keeping in touch, they will connect with Aries regularly to make sure that they are OK and see if there is anything that they can support them with.

Aries might find maintaining this kind of contact a burden rather than a boon, and if they aren’t careful, they can push Cancer away.

While Aries may seem like a neglectful friend when it comes to the day to day, they are the kind of person that will be there for you in a bind. They never turn their back on a friend when it really matters.

So, while Cancer may have given up on Aries, they can turn up at the moment when Cancer really needs them.

Fun & Excitement

While Cancer may not have the most adventurous imagination, they like to be pushed out of their comfort zone, and aren’t afraid to take risks when they have the support of their nearest and dearest.

Aries is always coming up with new and adventurous ways to engage with life. If they have a good Cancer friend, they will be happy to join Aries on the adventure. As long as Aries can keep their bossiness under wraps. Both are quite controlling and don’t like to take orders from others.

While Aries is happy to embark on their adventures alone, they don’t always realize how enriching it is to share an experience with someone else. Cancer can show them that.

Likelihood to Last

Friendships between Aries and Cancer tend to be volatile. They have very different perspectives on the world, and they are both very forceful in their opinions. Combine this with Aries’ hot temper and combative nature, and you have a recipe for conflict.

Aries often says hurtful things without thinking. While Cancer is intuitive enough to understand that Aries probably doesn’t really mean what they are saying, their emotions run close to the surface and they are easily hurt. So those words will still leave their mark.

Cancer may withdraw from Aries in order to protect themselves. Aries is not the type of person to chase a friend who seems like they want to be left alone. As a result, their friendships can often break apart.


Because Aries and Cancer are so different, they often find themselves in conflict at the formative stage of a friendship, and never form a close bond.

However, if they can get passed that, the bond that they do form can be relatively strong.

When Cancer decides to make someone a part of their pack, they make them family. They support them through thick and thin and put up with their shortcomings, because they are family.

Cancer is also very good at reading people, so they know when Aries has something on their mind and are good at prodding them to open up a little. As a result, Cancer may become one of Aries’ few confidants, resulting in a relatively deep bond.

Can Aries and Cancer be More Than Just Friends?

While it can be relatively rare that Aries and Cancer form a friendship, of they do form a connection, it is not uncommon for their friendship to blossom into something more.

If Aries and Cancer form a bond, it will be one of the strongest that Aries has. As a result, they will invest more time in Cancer, which often leads to deeper emotions.

More than that, Cancer has a way of tying people to themselves not just through friendship, but through other community. They bring new people into their social circle and place them within that communal web, which keeps them close.

Cancer can be attracted to Aries as someone that they can look after, but will never be needy. Cancer is a natural carer and loves to look after other people, but they do have little patience for people that become too clingy.

While their relationship is likely to be strong and passionate, it will never be smooth sailing. Both signs like to be in charge and hate to compromise, and will often find themselves in conflict.

But all in all, the two complement each other nicely. Cancer brings Aries into a community that Aries can struggle to create for themselves.

Aries can encourage Cancer to be a little more independent and focussed on themselves. They can help them realize that they need to invest in themselves in order to support others in the way that they would like.


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