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Aries and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Aries and Libra tend to be fun and strong, but it is definitely a case of opposites attract. These two sun signs sit on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, and are also at opposite ends of the horoscope spectrum. But the result is a very different, but highly compatible pair.

While they don’t have a lot of mutual interests, Aries and Leo always manage to have a lot of fun together. These two zodiac signs also form a deep and loyal bond that is likely to last the test of time.

Overview of the Aries and Libra Friendship Compatibility:

  • Mutual Interests:  ★☆☆☆☆
  • Loyalty: ★★★★☆
  • Fun & Excitement: ★★★★☆
  • Likelihood to last: ★★★★☆
  • Bond: ★★★★☆

Are Aries and Libra Compatible as Friends?

When it comes to Aries and Libra as friends, it is a case of opposites attract. They have incredibly different personalities, but when they come together, they seem to fit together like two puzzle pieces. Despite their differences, Aries and Libra have a lot of fun together and can develop a deep and lasting bond.

These two don’t always like each other right away, as Libra can consider Aries overbearing, and Aries might see Libra as a little needy. But as they spend time together, they will discover a lot that they respect and want to have in their lives.

Mutual Interests

Aries and Libra friends will probably find that they don’t have much in terms of overlapping interests. Aries are very concerned with themselves, and the parts of life where they can excel as an individual. Libra is more concerned about where they sit in their social network.

So, while Aries probably commits to serious training sessions four times a week, Libra goes along to a class once a week and spends the majority of the time chatting and socializing.

But this lack of overlapping space seems to work for the two. Libra doesn’t trigger Aries’ intense competitive streak, and Aries doesn’t threaten Libra’s position as the glue that connects a group.

Their different worlds mean that they always have something to talk about.


Libra cares deeply about other people, which means that they are a loyal friend. Aries is less obviously loyal. Very focussed on themselves and terrible at reading people, they often don’t realize when their actions are hurting other people. But they never behave maliciously, they are mostly just unaware.

But while Aries can sometimes display insensitive behavior, they are loyal when it counts. If a friend is in a genuine predicament, they will always stand by them. They would also never take advantage of someone while they are down. So, while their loyalty may not be obvious day-to-day, it is there.

Fun & Excitement

Both Aries and Libra friends are up for a good time, and they feed off each other when it comes to finding some fun!

Aries likes to push the boundaries. They love to be the first person to do anything and they can’t say no to a challenge. They are always looking to do something more thrilling and outrageous.

While Libra is less daring, they also like doing something fun and a little bit scary, as long as they have someone brave, like Aries, at their side. So, Aries helps Libra find the courage that they need to jump into an adventure.

Both are quite impulsive, so what can start as a pretty ordinary night can often finish as something entirely unexpected.

Likelihood to Last

A friendship between Aries and Libra is likely to stand the test of time, as Libra won’t let Aries get away. They are the type of people that touch base with the people who are important to them regularly and keep them close.

Libra also won’t let Aries push them away with insensitivity, or tendency to pick a fight. Libra hates conflict and will do whatever it takes to dissolve the conflict and ensure that the friendship stays firm.

This does mean that the friendship can end up being a little bit lopsided, with Aries receiving all the benefits and Libra doing all the heavy lifting.


The friendship bond between Aries and Libra is usually strong as the two both see something in the other person that they know they lack, and they want to be close to that thing.

Aries sees in Libra the easy way that they engage with other people and build their social circle. As Aries’ skills at reading people aren’t strong, they often make mistakes on the social scene and they respect the ease with which Libra does this.

Libra can be a little on the timid side. They can be nervous to tackle challenges on their own and always feel like they need the support of others. They can also be a little indecisive. In Aries, they see someone who is confident and knows what they want from life. These are characteristics they admire.

For this reason, both are likely to become invested in the relationship, and also share thoughts about the parts of their lives about which they are less confident. This results in a close bond.

Can Aries and Libra be More Than Just Friends?

Aries and Libra make a good love connection. They often form a strong bond based on mutual respect and admiration, which is ripe to mature into something deeper.

In a relationship, they complement each other well. Libra can help Aries navigate some of life’s more complicated social situations, and help them to be a bit more perceptive and intuitive. Controlling Aries will even be happy to let them hold the reigns when it comes to their joint social life.

Libra will see Aries as a bit of a protector which gives them the confidence to take on the world. But Aries won’t just act as a shield, they have a way of helping Libra find their own strength and stand on their own two feet.

While Aries is normally prone to fighting and arguments, this happens less with Libra. This is because Libra can’t stand conflict and so will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship happy and fight free.

But, to do this Libra can often suppress their own needs and let Aries’ rise to the top. While Aries would never want this, they aren’t usually aware enough to realize what is going on. For this reason, Libra is not always as happy as they seem in this relationship.

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