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Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Cancer and Cancer are more than just friendships, they form a deeper bond, and become like a pack. Cancer are among the best friendship signs in the horoscope, so tow together is an astrological recipe for magic.

Anyone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is likely to be a community builder, who also has an inner circle of the people they believe define them. Two compatible Cancers will quickly become part of one another’s inner circles.

Overview of the Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual Interests★★★★★
Fun & Excitement★★★★★
Likelihood to Last★★★★★

Are Cancer and Cancer Compatible as Friends?

Two Cancers together are likely to be more than just friends, they will decide to be family. Both like to surround themselves with people that they love and respect, and treat those people with more than average consideration. With both of them bringing this to the table, their friendship will be deep and fulfilling.

Mutual Interests

Cancer and Cancer have so much in common. You might be forgiven for thinking that a pair of Cancer friends are siblings they can be so alike.

They are both heavily invested in being part of the community, and love to be at the center of the action. They are always the one organizing the group celebration or a surprise party for a friend. This is something they would love to do together. While both are particular, neither are overly controlling.

People born under Cancer also tend to be interested in heritage and the roots of things, and will enjoy getting to the history of a place. This makes them fantastic travel buddies.

Cancer are also quite spiritual. While they generally keep this part of their lives private, they will probably be more willing to share this part of themselves with one another than most.


People born under Cancer are incredibly loyal. When they become good friends with someone, they adopt them into their family. And they will extend the same unshakable loyalty to these friends as they do their blood relatives.

Cancer are also incredibly sensitive and intuitive, and they are good at knowing when someone else needs something. They are also generous and have no problem putting themselves out to lend a hand to someone who matters to them.

They will always be the person who is on their friend’s side, even in front of a crowd, and even when they know that their friend is being entirely unreasonable. They know that some things are more important than being right.

Fun & Excitement

Cancer friends are always up for a good time, especially if it involves spending time with the people that they love. They love throwing parties and organizing days out and holidays. When they do, they are always more concerned that everyone is having a good time, rather than focussing on themselves.

For that reason, it is hard not to have a good time with Cancer, and two Cancer’s together will have a ball. Their biggest problem is that they will both be so concerned with the enjoyment of the other person that they both overlook their own. But that is unlikely, as both are expert planners and know exactly what makes a good recipe for fun.

While Cancer appreciates doing the occasional outrageous thing, they don’t need constant adrenalin and action to enjoy themselves. They are just as happy sharing a coffee and a good chat with someone interesting.

Likelihood to Last

When two Cancers come together as genuine friends, they are as good as family. That means that they have a bond that is hard to break. It is amazing what we are willing to forgive someone who we consider to be family.

Cancer can be a little sensitive to slights and also suspicious of other people. When they are hurt, it leaves deep scars that they never forget. So, when similar things happen, they immediately worry about similar outcomes.

But another Cancer are giving and generous with their friendship, and good at understanding people, so they are unlikely to hurt each other in a way that cannot be repaired.


Cancer and Cancer friends can quickly form a very close bond. Sometimes Cancer can be superficially generous with their friendship. They love to help people and be at the center of the community, but they don’t always share their feelings and emotions for fear of getting hurt.

But Cancer are better at getting the other person to open up and trust, and it works just as well on one another as it does on other people. As such, they are more likely to let their very pleasant superficial bond become a genuine and deep emotional bond.

Two Cancers can quickly come to think of one another like family. As a result, they will be more willing to be vulnerable and open with one another than they will with most people.

Cancer and Cancer Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Considering who much Cancer and Cancer have in common, and how quickly they bond, it is no surprise that they also make an excellent couple.

They will be the kind of pair that finish each other’s sentences, and always know what the other person needs. For this reason, they rarely suffer from misunderstandings. They are also good at discussing an issue calmly and rationally, despite being very emotional individuals.

Some people might think that a relationship without fights lacks passion, but this is not true for Cancer and Cancer. They are both intensely emotional, which means that there is no lack of depth in their connection.

A relationship between Cancer and Cancer is always a fun one, and the two are usually surrounded by a community that loves them. They always throw the best parties and invite waifs and strays around on holidays. And no one will be ungrateful for the invitation, as it is always a blast.

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