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Cancer and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

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The friendship between Cancer and Capricorn tends to be steady, strong, and based on mutual trust. The two can also recognize the way they have something that the other lacks. Capricorn may envy Cancer’s easy-going and sociable nature, while Cancer admires Capricorn’s ambition and control. They can feed off the energy of one another in a healthy way.

Here are the Cancer and Capricorn friendship key areas

Mutual interestsBelow Average
Fun & ExcitementBelow Average
Likelihood to lastGood

Are Cancer and Capricorn Compatible as Friends?

Cancer and Capricorn sit at opposite sides of the zodiac circle. They both bring things to the table that the other lacks. But they do this in a way that lets them balance one another, rather than pull them off track.

Combine this with the fact that both are loyal and generous with their support, and this is a relationship that feels both comfortable, and challenging. But challenging in the way that encourages growth.

Mutual Interests

Cancer and Capricorn can be very different in their interests. Capricorn tend to be ambitious and self-disciplined, and can focus on the things that they can excel at personally. Cancer is less interested in personal success, and primarily craves to be part of a community. They prefer to plan the success party rather than actually win themselves.

But both crave security. For Cancer, this means being connected and part of a community. For Capricorn, it is predictability and control. But Cancer, whose easy-going nature means that they can struggle to find ambition and direction, can often absorb this characteristic from a Capricorn that is part of their pack.

Meanwhile, Capricorn can see the benefits of a network, and respect the way that Cancer seems to effortlessly control their place within it. They will likely gravitate towards Cancer for this reason.


Cancer and Capricorn are both incredibly loyal, almost to a fault. As a result, they quickly recognize that the other person is someone that they can rely on.

Cancer is extremely sensitive to the needs of the people around them. They seem to know what other people need before the person themselves. They also like to feel indispensable, so they will do whatever it takes to lend a helping hand.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is scrupulous to their word. If they say that they will do something, they will do everything in their power to make sure they deliver. They also don’t like to say know, as they believe it reflects negatively on them.

Capricorn, however, never asks for help for themselves and so can sometimes suffer from stress and burn out. But Cancer knows when Capricorn is in desperate need of some relief and support.

Fun & Excitement

While Cancer and Capricorn’s approach to fun isn’t for everyone, they manage to find a happy balance between themselves.

There is nothing that Cancer loves more than organizing a party or gathering and ensuring that everyone has an amazing time. While Capricorn is very controlling, this mostly extends to their own world. They don’t feel like they are responsible for everyone else’s, only themselves. They are happy to let Cancer take the lead in these situations.

When it comes to other things, laid back Cancer is happy to let controlling Capricorn take the lead. Capricorn won’t be planning any spontaneous fun. They always like to have a plan. They think their time is valuable, and believe a good plan is the best way to squeeze the maximum fun out of every moment.

While many other signs can find this approach to planned fun claustrophobic, Cancer can appreciate where they are coming from and enjoy themselves.

Likelihood to Last

Cancer and Capricorn aren’t likely to find much to disagree about, and so there is little reason for their friendship to disintegrate. Cancer’s suspicious nature can sometimes sabotage their friendships. But Capricorn is honest and trustworthy, and unlikely to set Cancer off.

Cancer is the type that will always reach out to their friends and keep them close. While some signs can shy away from this pressure, Capricorn will take their commitment to the other seriously and always respond. As such, they are likely to stay connected.


Cancer and Capricorn may well find themselves sharing a very close bond. While Cancer is always a willing ear and loves to be the confidant of others, they rarely share their own deeper thoughts and feelings. This is from fear of getting hurt. But Capricorn is so stable and trustworthy that they can break down Cancer’s barriers and encourage them to open up.

Capricorn is more open, and will often share a lot of themselves. This is hardly a surprise as they are primarily interested in themselves and their goals, so it can be their favorite topic. Cancer will find this tendency to talk about themselves less frustrating than many other signs that appreciate more give and take in the relationship.

As such, these two will likely find themselves forming a comfortable bond that they both appreciate

Cancer and Capricorn Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Cancer and Capricorn can often find themselves feeling attracted to one another, as both have personality traits that they envy in the other.

Capricorn are self-aware about the way that they put themselves first and need to control everything. They can see and appreciate the way that Cancer cares for others, and the way they manage to adapt, while still loosely holding the reigns.

Cancer knows that they can sometimes struggle with finding direction, and appreciate the forceful ambition that Capricorn displays. Cancer also tends to crave stability, though can struggle to always create this for themselves. They might well let Capricorn create it for them.

Capricorn can sometimes struggle in relationships because they don’t like to compromise, and don’t like to ask for help, even from the people closest to them. Luckily, Cancer knows what Capricorn needs without them saying it, and knows how to give it to them without them feeling weak.

Cancer, while they don’t like to be pushed around, don’t mind letting Capricorn take the lead. More than anything else, Cancer wants to feel needed, and supporting Capricorn can give them that feeling.

Tyler Monique West

Thursday 1st of July 2021

This is a story of capricorn and cancer compatibility throught Loyaty and best friendship compatilitys