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Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

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Cancer and Sagittarius are too different to be the kinds of friends that do everything together. Cancer craves community and connection, while Sagittarius shuns those things as they seek their individual adventure and adrenalin.

But a Cancer-Sagittarius friendship can work from a bit of a distance. They can enjoy being in one another’s orbits, and be the type of friends that come together for an epic catch up every year or so.

Overview of the Cancer and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual interests★☆☆☆☆
Fun & Excitement★★☆☆☆
Likelihood to last★★★★☆

Are Cancer and Sagittarius Compatible as Friends?

Cancer and Sagittarius are very different. When it comes to what is important to them in life, they sit squarely at opposite ends of the spectrum. This means that they can’t be the type of friends that live in each other’s pockets.

But these two will often find a level of mutual respect. They can see the loyalty and integrity of the other person, and know that they are someone worth valuing, even if it is from a bit of a distance.

Mutual Interests

Cancer and Sagittarius friends are on very different pages when it comes to what they consider important in life. Sagittarius tend to value what they have, the family, friends, and history that define them. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is always seeking what is new and different.

Sagittarius also tends to fear community ties, as they see it as something that might hold them down. As a result, while they might enjoy dipping into Cancer’s world on occasion, they can find it suffocating their friendship over time.

These two can appreciate one another’s differences, as long as they both take a live and let live attitude, and neither tries to make the other fit into a box, which is completely wrong for them.


A Cancer and Sagittarius friendship is one found with a sense of loyalty. Cancer is the type of person that you can expect to be there for you day-to-day, while Sagittarius is their person you want with you when the chips are down.

Cancer is so tapped into the people that are close to them, that they might know what other people need, before even they do. They are also always willing to provide their support. Nothing brings them more pleasure than helping others and knowing that they have made a difference in their lives.

On the other hand, Sagittarius is more focussed on living their own life that they don’t always know when others might need them. They also don’t tend to feel like they are responsible for other people, believing that everyone has to do for themselves.

But Sagittarius would never turn their back on a friend when they are in genuine need. It would be inconsistent with their vision of themselves and they would consider it beneath them. So, when disaster really strikes, they will be there.

Cancer is intuitive enough to see this deeper part of their Sagittarius friend and respect it. They also don’t expect everyone to be as generous as them. In fact, they don’t mind owning the moral high ground.

Fun & Excitement

Cancer and Sagittarius friends have very different ideas when it comes to fun. Cancer likes nothing better than being surrounded by their nearest and dearest, who they have been close to forever. For Sagittarius, however, the new is what is exciting. They also enjoy the adrenalin of doing something different and challenging. Cancer can find this a little intimidating.

These two can thrive in each other’s worlds, for limited periods of time. Sagittarius can appreciate the occasional dip into nostalgia. Cancer can enjoy the odd adrenalin rush if they have Sagittarius by their side to support them. But these two won’t enjoy living in each other’s pockets, as they just want to be doing different things.

Likelihood to Last

While Cancer and Sagittarius aren’t the type of friends that can spend all of their time together, they are too different, and if they try and do everything together, they will just find one another frustrating.

But if the two form a bond, and adopt a live and let live attitude, they will find that they are always happy to stay in one another’s orbit. They trust one another, and will enjoy spending tie together in short, healthy doses.

They are likely to be the type of “old friends” who don’t see each other for years, but when they do get together, it is like no time has passed at all.


Cancer and Sagittarius friends will often form a surprising bond, despite who different they appear to be. They both recognize someone that they can trust in the other, and so are happy to share more of themselves.

This can be particularly surprising for Cancer. While they are generous and considerate, they tend to play their own cards close to the chest for fear of getting hurt. But Cancer appreciates that Sagittarius is honest, and doesn’t push Cancer, so they can share as much or as little as they want.

While their bond might not be intensely deep – they won’t be sharing their deepest feelings – but they will know that they always have someone they can trust in one another.

Cancer and Sagittarius Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Cancer and Scorpio don’t tend to work as a romantic match. While they might find themselves drawn to the other because of just how different they are, it is unlikely to last in the long run.

Cancer is a community builder and likes to tie themselves into a network of people that are important to them. It is their relationships that give their lives meaning.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, fears these kinds of bonds. They always have their eyes on the horizon and the next adventure, and they hate the idea of anything that might bind them and prevent them from doing whatever spontaneous thing calls to them next.

Sagittarius is likely to find the connected world that Cancer builds for themselves suffocating. While if Cancer spends too much time in Sagittarius’ unconnected world, they will feel like something important is missing.

That doesn’t mean a friendship between Cancer and Sagittarius never works. For those that are not on the extreme ends of the spectrum, and can give the other the space that they need, they might find that they sit just far enough away from one another to balance.