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Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

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Gemini and Gemini Friendships tend to be great fun. They are highly compatible with each other in terms of their outlook on life: that it should be enjoyable and about discovery. Everyone born under this astrological sign enjoys meeting new people, including each other.

While other sun signs can find Gemini frustrating, another Gemini understands them intrinsically, making for a compatible friendship. While they will pass through times when they see each other every day, and times when they never see each other as they are both busy with other things, once they have bonded, their deeper connection does not diminish.

Overview of the Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual Interests★★★★★
Fun & Excitement★★★★★
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Are Gemini and Gemini Compatible as Friends?

Two Geminis together tend to get on like a house on fire and make great friends. They are both open and curious, and will love discovering one another, and the world together. But while a friendship between two Geminis will likely last a lifetime, it will not always be close.

In general, Gemini has a tendency to have a period of intense closeness with a friend, and drift apart as they find new friends to discover. This certainly doesn’t mean the end of their bond and connection, just that they will be seeing less of each other. Another Gemini can accept that without issue, as they are exactly the same.

Mutual Interests

Gemini tend to be interested in everything and everyone, so it is not difficult for them to find common interests with anyone, but especially each other. One Gemini will feed off the enthusiasm of the other.

But Gemini tend to have broad and eclectic interests that are relatively superficial, rather than deep interests. This is because their attention is spread so thin that it can be difficult to go deep.

While others might find this frustrating, another Gemini has no problem just scratching the surface and jumping from topic to topic.


Gemini are known for being on the flaky side. They are always looking ahead at what is new and exciting. As a result, they can often forget the things that they have committed to in the past.

And sometimes it is more than forgetfulness. They don’t necessarily think that sticking to their word is of paramount importance.

While many people might think that this makes Gemini disloyal, that is not the case. Unreliable is a better description. Gemini care deeply about other people, and empathize with other people. They will always defend a friend, and would never throw anyone under the bus for their own personal gain.

So, while two Gemini might constantly be letting each other down, they don’t take it personally, as they know it is not a big deal. But when it comes to the things that matter, they tend to be loyal to one another through and through.

Fun & Excitement

People born under Gemini love life, and they have a desire to experience everything that it has to offer. They tend to be high energy, and say yes to every new adventure and challenge.

While some people can find the way Gemini jumps from thing to thing frustrating and tiring, another Gemini will feed off this energy, as they want to be doing the exact same thing. So together, there is a lot of fun to be had.

A pair of Gemini might often find themselves getting into trouble, as neither has particularly good risk radars, and neither is likely to hold the other back when things start to go too far.

Luckily, Gemini tend to be intelligent and adaptable, so they land on their feet, even if it feels like it was touch and go there for a while.

Likelihood to Last

Gemini are always looking for change and newness. This extends to their interests, but also their friends. When they meet someone new that they really like, they tend to become attached at the hip for a period of time.

That is until the excitement has passed and they find someone new to pass their time with. So, Gemini tends to leave a lot of close friends in their wake.

But this “moving forward” does not mean that the friends that they are spending less time with don’t matter to them deeply. They just don’t have as much time to spend with them anymore. They still consider them to be their close friends.

While some people might find the way Gemini does this hurtful, another Gemini understands, and are busy doing the same thing. So, while two Gemini may not always be connected at the hip, once they have formed a bond, they are both likely to carry it with them in the long term.


Gemini are very open with their feelings and emotions, which they are happy to share early on in a relationship. This can help establish a deep bond. However, Gemini is incredibly mutable, and can seem like a different person from one day to the next.

As a result, the feeling and thoughts that a Gemini shared one day can be completely different from the feelings and thoughts that they had the next. This can make them hard to pin down, and leave other people feeling like they don’t actually know the person at all. This challenges their bond.

But again, when two Gemini get together, they assume that all people are constantly evolving and that it is possible to be multiple things at the same time. They appreciate this in another Gemini, it means that they are always interesting and there is always something new to learn about them.

As a result, Gemini tend to form a close bond based on their mutual understanding of the way that the other person thinks.

Gemini and Gemini Potential to be More Than Just Friends

It is not uncommon to find one Gemini falling for another. Another Gemini is just the kind of fun, exciting, and interesting person that they are likely to find intriguing. However, these kinds of relationships are not always long-lasting.

Relationships require work. To last for the long haul, people need to invest in them. They need to accept that good times are balanced out by bad times, and excitement balanced out by the mundane.

Gemini are not good at doing this! As a result, neither of them tends to be actively working to anchor the relationship and keep it going. So, they are more susceptible to being torn apart by things such as potential new love interests and conflicting schedules.

If a Gemini couple does manage to stand the test of time, it is usually because there is an incredibly strong magnetism between them, and so their eye isn’t even drawn by anyone else. If they do split up, they will probably remain friends in the aftermath.