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10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius is the sign of the weird and the wonderful.

These people are incredibly unique and have a very interesting perspective on the world.

But is there more than what meets the eye with an Aquarius?

Are you curious about finding out more about the sign of Aquarius?

Here are 10 interesting and fun facts about the Aquarius Zodiac Sign.

DatesJanuary 20 – February 18
SymbolThe Water Bearer
Body PartAnkles
GemstoneAmethyst, Garnet
Favorite PlaylistNew Age, Electronic
Favorite FoodJapanese
Favorite ColorViolet
Favorite FlowerOrchid
Favorite Number4
Favorite DaySaturday
Favorite FruitBlueberry

1. An Aquarius is an Original

An Aquarius will always pride themselves on being totally different from everyone else.

This sign wants to be unique and like no one else.

They will always go out of their way to stand out from the crowd and be seen as someone totally extraordinary.

2. An Aquarius is Inventive

An Aquarius possesses one of the most unique minds in the entire Zodiac.

This sign usually has some genius qualities to it, therefore an Aquarius is great at coming up with original and totally creative ideas.

This sign is inventive and can come up with all kinds of crazy solutions to problems with their ideas.

3. An Aquarius is a Humanitarian

The sign of Aquarius loves people and is always happy to help and support them in any way possible.

Therefore, they tend to be quite fond of charity and always want to give help wherever they can.

An Aquarius believes in lifting up humanity and creating a world in which everyone can thrive on the same level.

4. An Aquarius Has Many Friends

As mentioned above, an Aquarius loves people and because of this, they tend to have a very large friendship circle.

This sign wants to surround themselves with as many different people as possible because it is easier to see different perspectives this way.

An Aquarius reckons the more the merrier when it comes to their friendships.

5. An Aquarius is Independent

Freedom is the most important thing for an Aquarius.

They need their independence or else they feel caged in and stifled by the world around them.

An Aquarius needs the space to be able to do whatever they please.

No one is going to hold an Aquarius back from reaching their dreams.

6. An Aquarius is Inspiring

An Aquarius always has something special going on in their life.

This sign is inspiring by simply being themselves.

They aren’t afraid of following their dreams and because of this, they help others to get out there and do it!

Being around an Aquarius will motivate anyone to go for gold!

7. An Aquarius is a Rebel

An Aquarius knows their own mind and will always follow their own path in life.

This sign needs to go against the norm and rebel against what the world expects of them.

They will always push the boundaries and see how far they can take it.

8. An Aquarius Goes With The Flow

An Aquarius will never play by the rules and because of this, they tend to be quite flexible.

They prefer to go with the flow of life and not have too many expectations.

They want to be surprised by life and the best way to do this is to live in the present moment.

9. An Aquarius is Determined

When an Aquarius knows what they want in life, absolutely nothing is going to get in their way.

This sign is extremely determined to make their dreams into reality.

They will stop at nothing and they tend to usually get their way because of their sheer perseverance.

10. An Aquarius Understands Karma

The sign of Aquarius is really good at never making the same mistakes twice.

They have a good concept of karma and recognize that you really do reap what you sow.

Due to this, an Aquarius tries to be an upstanding citizen and they try their best not to get on anyone’s bad side.

They care about spreading the good vibes all around.