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10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Aries Zodiac Sign

10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Aries Zodiac Sign

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This fire sign is always full of surprises.

For example, one minute you think you have a grasp on them, and the next they are off on some wild adventure.

It is impossible to keep up with them. Curious to find out more about Aries?

Here are some fun and interesting facts about the Aries Zodiac Sign.

DatesMarch 21 – April 19
Body PartsHead, Face, Adrenals, Blood
GemstoneDiamond, Aventurite, Bloodstone
MotoI AM
Favorite PlaylistUpbeat and energizing
Favorite FoodCurry
Favorite ColorRed
Favorite FlowerThistle and Honeysuckle
Favorite Number9
Favorite DayTuesday
Favorite FruitPeach

1. An Aries Is A Trailblazer

The sign of Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac giving them a pioneering spirit.

They are happy to try out new things before anyone else does.

In other words, Aries wants to be able to say, “I came here first!”

2. An Aries Is Fearless

Firstly, Aries loves a challenge and will jump into whatever takes their fancy with complete risk and abandon.

This sign is full of courage and unafraid to meet the consequences of their actions.

They will do whatever it takes to achieve their vision.

3. An Aries Takes Initiative

An Aries has the ability to think on their feet and spring into action when an idea comes their way.

This is what makes this sign such a good leader.

As a result, they never wait around for someone else to make the decisions.

4. An Aries Is Straightforward

What you see is what you get with an Aries.

This sign is extremely honest and forthcoming in that what they say what they mean.

Therefore, you will always know where you stand with an Aries.

5. An Aries Knows How to Help Inspire

An Aries can be a highly convincing individual.

For example, they can encourage and motivate you to do almost anything.

When Aries believes in you, they will put in all their energy and positivity to help you succeed in your dreams.

6. An Aries Loves To Explore

Adventure and exploration are extremely important to Aries as it quenches their curiosity and needs for discovery.

As a result, they see the world through fresh eyes and endless possibilities.

Above all, going on an adventure gives Aries a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement.

7. An Aries Is Highly Protective

An Aries is called the warrior of the Zodiac for a reason.

When this sign cares about something or someone, they will protect it no matter the cost.

There is no messing with an Aries because this will only lead to trouble.

8. An Aries Is a Passionate Lover

When Aries falls in love, they do it enthusiastically and full of passion.

Falling in love is extremely exciting and fun for this sign.

Because of this, they tend to like their relationships to be high energy and full of adventure.

9. An Aries Is Active

An Aries has a lot of energy coursing through their body.

Above all, it is important for them to always be active and on the go, or else they might suffer from boredom and restlessness.

Therefore, this sign is usually quite athletic and benefits a lot from regular, intense exercise.

10. An Aries Is Loyal

An Aries is extremely loyal, especially in their romantic relationships.

When they have committed to someone, it is unlikely that they will ever cheat because they only have their eyes on their lover.

They expect the same kind of loyalty from their partner and have a very hard time forgiving unfaithfulness.

In fact, they would rather be alone than accept that kind of behavior.