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10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Cancers are some of the loveliest people you will ever get to meet.

This sign is full of emotion and feeling, but there is definitely more to Cancers than what is going on in their inner world.

Are you keen to understand the sign of Cancer a little more in-depth?

Here are some very fun and interesting facts about the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Dates22 June – 22 July
PlanetThe Moon
SymbolThe Crab
Body PartsBreasts and Stomach
GemstoneMoonstone, Silver, Pearl
Favorite PlaylistEmotional, sad songs
Favorite FoodComfort food
Favorite ColorSilver
Favorite FlowerWhite Rose
Favorite Number2
Favorite DayMonday
Favorite FruitFig

1. A Cancer Is Nurturing

Out of all the signs, Cancer without a doubt is the most sensitive, yet caring sign in the Zodiac.

That is to say that Cancers care deeply for others and will go out of their way to ensure that the ones they care about feel safe and secure.

They do this by creating a loving environment for them through good food, thoughtfulness, and total acceptance of others.

2. A Cancer Is Psychic

Because the sign of Cancer is so sensitive to their environment, due to this, they are usually an antenna for the world around them.

For example, this means that they can usually pick up on signals and know things before anyone else does.

Consequently, they will usually get a feeling that something is off and not quite right.

Their intuition is certainly always on point!

3. A Cancer Has An Active Imagination

As a result of a Cancer being so sensitive, they usually have quite an active imagination.

Consequently, this makes them quite creative and full of bright ideas.

They really enjoy expressing themselves and it is quite important for them to have a creative outlet to help them cope with their negative emotions.

4. A Cancer Makes A Wonderful Therapist

Although a Cancer might be quite emotional and sensitive, they still give some of the best advice out there.

As a result of their own life experience, they really know how to support others and be there for them in difficult moments.

Consequently, the empathy of a Cancer is one of their best qualities and what makes them stand out as a good friend.

5. A Cancer Is Accepting

Most importantly, there are no judgments when it comes to a Cancer.

This sign is so wonderful because they just accept others for who they are and will never impose their own ideas onto others.

Therefore, they see others for who they are and will never expect anyone to change for them.

6. A Cancer Is The Best Host

During a dinner party held by a Cancer, you can expect to be made to feel incredibly comfortable, at home, and at ease.

As a result of their caring nature, a Cancer will always be able to anticipate your needs and what will make you feel most comfortable.

Whenever a Cancer hosts a dinner party, they go above and beyond making sure that everyone feels well taken care of.

A Cancer will always take their hospitality to the next level.

7. A Cancer Is Protective

A Cancer is most definitely soft and sensitive, but on the other hand, they can be ferociously protective of the people they care most about.

For instance, if anyone was to hurt someone they loved, their pinchers would come out in full force.

A Cancer simply cannot stand it when someone close to them is hurt.

It totally makes them see red and they will go out of their way to see that justice is served.

8. A Cancer Is Sentimental

Cancers hold their memories very close to their heart.

This sign will often collect things as a form of remembrance of something or someone special to them.

As a result, they tend to collect all kinds of trinkets and tokens and have them on display around their house that remind them of special memories.

Moreover, this certainly helps them to reminisce because Cancers tend to be very nostalgic.

9. A Cancer Is Generous

A Cancer loves to give and take care of others.

This is due to their very generous personality.

Even when a Cancer has almost nothing, they will still find a way to give.

Especially if it means that they can make someone they care about happy.

As long as the people in their life are content. This is truly all that matters to a Cancer.

10. A Cancer Loves Being at Home

Feeling comfortable and secure is of the utmost importance to a Cancer.

In other words, a Cancer really enjoys spending as much time as possible at home.

They really aren’t fond of going out and being far from their things.

A Cancer will always be happiest when they can be comfy in their own environment.