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10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

10 Interesting and Fun Facts About the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpios are without a doubt the most notorious Zodiac sign out of the bunch.

This sign has such a reputation, but is this reputation even valid?

Sure, Scorpios are mysterious and intense people, but there is way more to them than what meets the eye.

Are you curious about the Scorpio Zodiac sign and want to know more about them?

Here are 10 interesting and fun facts about the Scorpio Zodiac Sign.

DatesOctober 23 – November 21
PlanetMars and Pluto
SymbolThe Scorpion
Body PartsReproductive Organs
GemstoneTopaz, Turquoise, Labradorite
Favorite PlaylistEmotional, Intense
Favorite FoodThai Food
Favorite ColorBlack
Favorite FlowerGardenia
Favorite Number9
Favorite DayTuesday
Favorite FruitPomegranate

1. A Scorpio is Passionate

Being a Scorpio is a very intense experience because this sign knows all about the highs and lows of what it means to be alive.

As a result, a Scorpio usually looks for extreme situations in which they can feel the absolute most.

Everything a Scorpio does has to mean something to them, otherwise, they don’t really see the point.

They do everything in extremes, especially in their relationships and romantic partnerships.

2. A Scorpio is Private

Scorpios are known for being extremely secretive, it takes ages for them to ever reveal anything about themselves.

It can be really difficult for a Scorpio to open up and trust people, therefore they choose to keep things close to their hearts.

They simply don’t feel comfortable with anyone and everyone knowing their business.

However, with patience from another, a Scorpio will finally open up when they see that they can trust someone.

3. A Scorpio Seeks Meaning

A Scorpio simply hates wasting their time doing things that are shallow and without meaning.

This gives them a feeling of emptiness, and nothing is worse to a Scorpio than this.

Therefore, a Scorpio will always go out of their way to find meaning even in the most mundane of tasks.

They want to be able to seek the truth and beauty in all the situations they find themselves in.

4. A Scorpio is Protective

Scorpios love extremely deeply, therefore, they try and keep their loved ones as close as possible.

They can be very protective because they don’t want the people they care about to come in harm’s way.

It isn’t easy for them to open themselves up to love and this is the reason why they get so protective.

When they experience love, they are afraid to lose it.

5. A Scorpio is a Healer

One of the most unique gifts and talents a Scorpio has is that of a healer.

This sign really knows how to take broken people and help them to heal their wounds.

They are really great at helping people transform and become better versions of themselves.

A Scorpio has the potential to change lives through deep transformation.

6. A Scorpio is Brave

There is very little a Scorpio is afraid of.

This sign knows what it wants and nothing is going to get in their way.

They are unafraid of making moves and going where everyone else is too afraid to go.

A Scorpio is willing to take risks to get where they want to be in life.

7. A Scorpio is Intuitive

There is nothing a Scorpio ever misses.

This sign is so sensitive to their environment, but also to the undercurrents of the world.

No other sign is more in tune with what is going on than a Scorpio, and because of this, they tend to be extremely intuitive.

A Scorpio always knows what is going on!

8. A Scorpio is Mystical

There is so much the naked eye can’t see, but a Scorpio truly believes in the magic of the world.

This sign is always drawn to the mystical and otherworldly.

They innately recognize that there is more to the world and experiences than what is tangible.

And due to this, they are usually quite attracted to the occult or spiritualism.

9. A Scorpio is Supportive

When a Scorpio cares about you, they will back you up on everything.

This sign is incredibly supportive and wants the best for those they love dearly.

This sign will hype you up and give you all the motivation you could ever need to make a success of your dreams.

10. A Scorpio is Ambitious

If there is one sign that knows what they want in life, then it has to be a Scorpio.

This sign is incredibly ambitious and definitely knows where they are headed.

Due to this, when they have a vision, they will follow it with determination and hard work.

Success is simply written in the stars for a Scorpio, but their diligence definitely pays off.

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The Astrology bug bit hard as she then proceeded to enroll in Rod Suskin's 3-year Astrology course. Since then she has had a successful run writing for all kinds of websites, blogs, and apps.

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Her favorite topic has to relationship Astrology and how people can improve their connections by simply looking at the stars.