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10 Taurus Zodiac Sign Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

10 Taurus Zodiac Sign Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Stable, secure, and stubborn are just some of the words synonymous with the sign of Taurus.

But there is so much more to them than first meets the eye…

Are you curious about this sign and what makes them so special?

Here are some interesting and fun facts about the Taurus Zodiac Sign.

Dates April 20 – May 21
AnimalThe Bull
Body PartThroat, Neck, Jaw, Larynx
GemstoneEmerald, Jade, Carnelian
Favorite PlaylistSoft, soothing, old-school
Favorite FoodItalian food
Favorite ColorGreen
Favorite FlowerPoppy
Favorite Number5 & 6
Favorite DayFriday
Favorite FruitPear

1. A Taurus Likes Stability

Taurus is without a doubt one of the most stable signs in the Zodiac.

This sign certainly finds comfort in routine and always knowing what to expect because this is what makes them feel safe.

Some might find this boring, but stability is what brings a Taurus the utmost happiness above all.

2. A Taurus Loves Nature

Being the first Earth sign in the Zodiac, a Taurus loves nature and often has a green thumb for gardening.

This sign finds peace in the outdoors and finds that spending time outside gives them a sense of calm and serenity.

Therefore it is imperative that a Taurus spend as much time outside as they possibly can.

3. A Taurus Is Reliable

When a Taurus says they’ll do something, they always keep their word.

It is of the utmost importance to a Taurus that the people in their life know that they can depend on them.

This sign will be there for you, no matter what because a Taurus’ word is their bond.

4. A Taurus Loves Commitment

When it comes to relationships, there is no sign more committed and loyal than a Taurus.

That being said, they really don’t like dating around and being with a bunch of different people.

A Taurus would much prefer long-term, stable, and committed relationships above short-term flings.

5. A Taurus is A Wonderful Cook

You have probably heard how much a Taurus enjoys their food.

Thanks to this a Taurus is usually an outstanding cook.

Being able to feed and take care of their loved ones through cooking is certainly a Taurus’ love language.

There is nothing that fills them with more joy than cooking and enjoying an amazing meal with the people they care about the most.

6. A Taurus Has Good Taste

A Taurus certainly knows how to enjoy themselves thoroughly and always knows what the best of the best is.

This sign knows everything about indulging all five senses to experience the utmost pleasure.

If you’re ever stuck and need a recommendation for a good restaurant, film, or new music, you can rely on a Taurus to point you in the right direction.

7. A Taurus Is Creative

Taurus is one of those lucky signs that seem to be blessed with creativity and artistic talent.

For example, most Taureans are really good at making things with their hands be that with art, food, or even music.

It is important for Taurus to be able to express themself creatively as it makes them feel grounded and centered.

8. A Taurus is Determined

No other sign is as willful and determined as a Taurus.

When a Taurus sets their mind out to do something, nothing will get in their way.

They will achieve their goal, no matter what because they always stick to whatever they set out to do.

9. A Taurus is Kind

Although a Taurus might have a tough exterior and not allow too many people to get too close to them, they will always be kind and generous.

People will often comment on how calming a Taurean’s presence is and that they always make the people around them feel comfortable.

Therefore, it is really easy spending time with a Taurus because they are so laid-back and relaxed.

10. A Taurus Loves to Collect Things

Firstly, there is nothing a Taurus loves more than material things.

This sign likes to see the wealth around them.

Therefore, a Taurus will usually be a collector of sorts.

Some love fashion, others love books, or vinyl records and they will often build up a collection over the years.

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