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Leo and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Leo and Aquarius don’t happen all that often, but when they do, they can be good ones. Sat opposite one another of the astrological wheel, these two sun signs are just so different that there is little reason for them to come together as friends. Leo and Aquarius just don’t tend to notice one another.

But if the two zodiac signs do find themselves in a position where they have an opportunity to get to know one another, they will discover that they are more compatible than they realized.

Both horoscopes believe in their right to occupy their space in the world, and it is something that they can do together.

Here are the Leo and Aquarius friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★☆☆☆
Fun and Excitement★★☆☆☆
Likelihood to Last★★☆☆☆

Leo and Aquarius Compatible as Friends?

Strong friendships between Leo and Aquarius are rare. The two are simply so different that, without a good reason, there is nothing to cause them to gravitate towards one another. Leo is extroverted and desires respect and admiration from the people around them. Aquarius is self-contained and couldn’t care less what others think.

But when circumstances conspire to bring Leo and Aquarius together, the resulting friendship can be a good one. Both have an innate self-confidence, which means that they do not find the confidence and charisma of the other to be too heavy, as some others can. As a result, they can feel very comfortable together.

Mutual Interests

While it is not uncommon for Leo and Aquarius to have things in common, their different attitudes mean that this isn’t always something that brings things together.

Leo rarely does something unless they think it will bring them admiration and respect. They have a desire to always be seen. Aquarius on the other hand does things for themselves, they follow their passion no matter what, and don’t really care what anyone else thinks.

While Leo can respect Aquarius’ dedication, it’s not really for them. Aquarius on the other hand might consider Leo a little superficial, and therefore not that keen to connect their interests.


Leo and Aquarius are both independent souls, who don’t really believe that they need anyone. And while Leo likes to have love and respect, both Leo and Aquarius give themselves enough self-love that they don’t really need it from other sources.

As a result, neither expects that much from other people when it comes to loyalty. And while Leo will appreciate it, Aquarius might show less gratitude as they don’t necessarily like the expectation that they might need to return the favor.

So, Leo and Aquarius aren’t the type to rely on one another, but they are fine with that.

Both of them, however, have a tendency to drop everything and be there for someone when they really, genuinely need it. Both of them have a self-image of them as loyal in a kind of heroic way, so it would be beneath them to do anything less.

Fun & Excitement

While both Leo and Aquarius think that life is meant to be fun, their approach to what constitutes a good time is very different.

Leo enjoys doing things that are new and different, and always with an audience. Part of the fun for them is showing off and having other people admire their guts and skill.

For Aquarius, things to not need to be new to be exciting. They appreciate that going deep into something and exploring the details can be just as thrilling. Aquarius also never perform for an audience. They not only don’t need anyone else to validate their experiences, but they can feel like it cheapens it a little.

As a result, if these two are sat down together planning a weekend, they are very unlikely to come up with similar plans. They are also quite unlikely to go along with one another.

Both are leaders and independent, so they won’t happily go along with someone else’s plans if there is something that they would rather do.

This isn’t necessarily a problem from their friendship, as neither things that doing everything together is a prerequisite for a good friendship.

Likelihood to Last

A friendship between Leo and Aquarius will either break apart, or last the test of time. It all depends.

If Leo and Aquarius find themselves thrown together into a friendship based on mutual friends of common interest, neither are likely to put a lot of effort into keeping the relationship going.

Neither feels like they need the other, and therefore won’t go out of the way to invest in one another. They will just drift apart with time.

However, if these two are bonded by something a little bit more, then the bond is one that won’t be easily broken. Neither are demanding of their friends in terms of time and effort, but appreciate the people that they decide are important to them. They might not see each other for several months,  but that won’t do anything to dampen their friendly connection.


If Leo and Aquarius find themselves in proximity, they are unlikely to find themselves forming a close bond. They are just too different. Leo think that Aquarius is too introverted and self-contained to be of any value to them. While Aquarius can consider Leo superficial. They just aren’t likely to invest in one another.

But if something more has brought these two together, such as a shared history or an important experience, they can find themselves becoming surprisingly close. While they can find the other’s view on the world confusing, they appreciate that the other shares their consummate confidence.

This means that they never feel like the other person is needy or unduly pulling on them, and they like that. Therefore, these two might feel more comfortable with one another than they do with many people.

Leo and Aquarius Potential to be More Than Just Friends

When Leo and Aquarius get together, it is a matter of opposites attract. But that is often a recipe for the best romance.

Leo can find Aquarius fascinating. They have a quiet confidence that Leo respects. But they can also find their aloof style frustrating. Leo wants to be worshipped and admired. This doesn’t need to be over the top, but they do need it a little. They can feel like they are getting nothing at all from Aquarius.

Aquarius will tend to find Leo obtuse. Aquarius just doesn’t understand the need to show off and perform, and consider this shallow. When they see Leo behaving in this way, it can be off-putting to them.

But these traits which frustrate can quickly become characteristics that fascinate, and provide the spark for romance. As they do get closer, they will see the underlying self-confidence that both have, and they will like it.

This self-confidence means that they usually make a good pair. They can both give the independence that they crave without feeling insecure or jealous. So if their relationship does get off the ground, it is one that is likely to last.