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Leo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Leo and Pisces tend to be both deep and healthy. Sat five zodiac signs apart on the astrological wheel, they actually share an energy, and so when they come together the two sun signs feel invigorated.

They are highly compatible as friends despite being different in many ways. They tend to bring out the best in one another. Pisces can encourage Leo to be more genuine, while Leo can encourage Pisces to defy their horoscope and be more independent.

Here are the Leo and Pisces friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★☆☆
Fun and Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Leo and Pisces Compatible as Friends?

Leo and Pisces make great friends as they share an energy level. Both are invigorated by social energy, and also give off enough of that energy that they feel great around one another.

Pisces is excellent at reading people and know exactly what to say and do to get Leo to drop the bravado and share their true, generous selves. Meanwhile, Leo’s confidence can be contagious, and help Pisces realize that while it is great to travel in a pack, there are things that they can do for themselves

Mutual Interests

Leo and Pisces tend to have very different interests. Leo usually likes things associated with status, and therefore are likely to train for a high-paying, respected profession, and investing time in things that come with some status associated, such as working out.

Pisces couldn’t be less concerned about these things. They are usually naturally artistic and love to create. And they will create what they love regardless of whether others think it is good or not. They also have a tendency towards the spiritual and like to make it a tangible part of their lives.

As such, these two rarely come together over mutual interest, unless that interest is spending time with other people. Both always make this a priority. Leo because they crave an audience, and Pisces because they find people fascinating. But this is the place where they are most likely to find themselves connecting.


Leo and Pisces can both be described as loyal, but in very different ways. Pisces are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. As a result, they are the person who always knows exactly what to say or do. They can easily provide the little things that help people get through tough moments.

Leo completely lacks this sensitivity, and can forget birthdays or promises that they have made as they are so occupied with their own existence. They would hate to think that they are letting others down, but it happens.

But Leo is loyal at heart, and the kind of person who would never turn their back on someone, even if everyone else around them is ostracizing them for some reason. They don’t believe in it. So, they are often the person who is unexpectedly there for you in the most important moment.

Leo and Pisces appreciate their differing loyalties. Pisces can see through to Leo’s genuine heart, and Leo appreciates the little things that Pisces does to boost their ego when they need it most.

Fun & Excitement

Both Leo and Pisces think that life should be fun, and never say no when there is the opportunity for a bit of excitement.

For both, fun usually involves being part of a crowd. They both enjoy parties and the energy of being around lots of people. For Leo, this gives them a chance to perform, and for Pisces, they love nothing more than learning about new people whenever possible.

These two will often enjoy hitting the town or holidaying together as they are looking for the same kind of thrills. Observant Pisces can also help Leo understand how they did, and they are laid back enough not to mind the way that Leo tries to dominate things.

Just as long as Leo doesn’t try to dominate Pisces. While they are laid back, they don’t like to be led.

Likelihood to Last

A friendship between Leo and Pisces is one that is likely to last. Both are generous and giving, and are quick to forgive small trespassers, so there is little reason for them ever to need to fight.

These two also like spending time together, so they are likely to have a reason to call each other and catch up on a regular basis. This means that they stay in one another’s orbit and always have a reason to connect.


There are few people that Pisces has a problem connecting with, Leo among them. Pisces is so open, genuine, and good at reading people, that others tend to want to tell them all their secrets when first meeting.

Pisces will also feel quite comfortable opening up to Leo. They can sense Leo’s genuine and generous nature underneath what can sometimes seem like a superficial exterior. Pisces also finds Leo compelling, and thinks they might be able to absorb some of Leo’s confidence and energy through proximity.

The result is a tight and genuine bond that enriches both of them.

Leo and Pisces Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Leo and Pisces often find themselves making a love connection. Pisces is attracted to Leo’s confidence and power, and might even see them as a bit of a protector. Meanwhile, Pisces sensitivity and ability to always say the right things can break through Leo’s defenses and get them to stop performing and start showing their true selves.

The relationship is not always an easy one, mainly because Leo tends to be controlling. While Pisces is generally laid back and happy to let Leo have their way, they can’t stand to be controlled and will struggle if Leo pushes too hard.

Leo can help Pisces be a little bit more ambitious, and maybe share some of their artistic endeavors. At the same time, Pisces knows exactly how to tell Leo when they are out of line, without damaging their ego.

But the two will have a relationship built on trust. Both crave the company and attention of others, which can make some partners insecure. But Leo and Pisces are both comfortable enough in themselves, and aware enough of what their partner is really up to, not to let this get to them.

All in all, the two will become a dynamic duo that dominate the social scene.

Nanaea Lewis

Saturday 15th of May 2021

I feel this represents me: Leo and my friend: Pisces very well, except for the part about Pisces wanting to be around a lot of people. My friend is very anti - social and actually prefers being in a small group or alone. And I as a Leo remember everyone's birthday's and is a big believer in keeping a promise, always the first to be there for my friend when they need me most.