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Leo and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio are perfectly placed on the astrological wheel to become good friends. They have enough in common that they can truly understand each other, but are also different enough that they are compatible rather than repellent.

These two zodiac signs are often naturally drawn to one another as friends, and persist in their loyalty and commitment despite the challenges that their different personality horoscopes throw up. These two sun signs off-set one another’s more difficult qualities to develop a lasting friendship.

Here are the Leo and Scorpio friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★★☆
Fun & Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Are Leo and Scorpio Compatible as Friends?

Leo and Scorpio often become fast friends, despite surface differences. Both share a passion for life and a burning desire to not only experience life, but win at life! Seeing this same drive and ambition in the other person can bring the two together as kindred spirits.

The differences that divide them also help them grow. Easy going and confident Leo can help Scorpio avoid the tendency to sulk when things don’t go their way, while Scorpio is one of the few people who can give Leo a cold reality check when needed. Their friendship is one of natural magnetism, and which is challenging in a positive way.

Mutual Interests

Leo and Scorpio are both excited by life, and can get passionate about things. When they do find a mutual interest, it is usually something that they both care passionately about.

There two will feed off the passion of one another, but might also find themselves in competition. Both are highly ambitious and like to be the best at whatever they do. Both are also quite controlling, and generally like to be the leader of the pack.

But fiery Leo and water-sign Scorpio have such a different approach to how they do things, that they generally find a way to work together. Both can appreciate what the other brings to the table, and both know that their star doesn’t burn any less brightly just because it sits alongside another bright, heavenly body.


Leo considers themselves intensely loyal, and believe that they would do anything for a friend. However, they are often so consumed with their own lives that they don’t always see when the people around them need something. So, while their heart is pure, their actions do not always live up to their expectations.

Scorpio is highly independent, and really believes that they can do everything themselves and don’t really need anyone’s help. So, they aren’t the one to speak up and get Leo to live up to the word. Not that they mind, Scorpio can find it difficult to say thank you, and are happy when they don’t need to.

But while this might manifest as a distance between the two when it comes to day-to-day loyalty, both signs have a keen moral compass. When their loyalty is required in a time of need, they won’t ignore the call.

Fun & Excitement

Leo and Libra both believe that life is meant to be fun, but Scorpio is not as easy going as Leo.

Yes, Leo likes to control every situation and always be the center of attention. But even when things don’t go their way, they manage to get on. Their ego is so healthy that a small embarrassment or refection won’t dampen their spirit.

Scorpio, on the other hand, who also likes to be in charge and craves recognition, is also very sensitive. If someone else doesn’t agree with one of their ideas, they will take it personally. This can sometimes take the wind out of their sails.

But Leo can help Scorpio get their energy back and recover quickly, making them the perfect partner in crime for Scorpio when it comes to fun and excitement.

Likelihood to Last

Scorpio is the suspicious type. They tend to read more into situations than really exists, and often assumed the worst. They are the type of person to decide that people are talking behind their back or trying to sabotage them. Never plan a surprise party for Scorpio!

But Leo largely lives their lives as an open book. They are so confident within themselves that they don’t really feel like they have anything to hide. They will be completely honest if Scorpio confronts them about any suspicions, though they are unlikely to apologize for anything, Leo rarely thinks that they have done anything wrong.

But this means that friendships between Leo and Scorpio are some of the most long-lasting that Scorpio has. Leo won’t play Scorpio’s suspicion games. They don’t give any fuel to fire Scorpio’s tendencies.


There are a lot of things that set Leo and Scorpio friends apart. Leo is sure of themselves, confident, and not easily hurt. Scorpio is sensitive, easily hurt, and often question things about the world and about themselves.

But at the same time, both know what they want from life, and believe that they can get there by leading from the front. For this reason, they can usually see past the differences to a kindred spirit. As a result, Leo and Scorpio often want to confide in one another.

This natural draw means that they often become fast friends and share a closeness that it can be difficult for outsiders to understand.

Leo and Scorpio Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Leo and Scorpio friends often find themselves sharing an innate attraction, as they see in one another someone who understands them. Therefore, it is no surprise that they often make a love connection. But romance between these two is rarely easy sailing.

Both are highly controlling. Leo would never think of making any changes to themselves for someone else, and Scorpio doesn’t compromise on principle. This means that if they aren’t on the same page about the important things, they can be points of contention that will never be resolved. Healthy relationships between Leo and Scorpio needs to be based on shared wants and ideas.

Leo also tends to be a flirt. They are incredibly loyal, but they enjoy attention, and know that a little flirting is harmless. But Scorpio doesn’t see it that way, and can often take Leo’s behavior to heart, and assume that this is more to it than there is. Leo is good at showing Scorpio that they are being silly, but things can occasionally get out of control.

Also, Leo wants to be praised and admired. They want someone who buys into their self-image. But no one can throw a bucket of cold water over Leo faster that sharp-tongued Scorpio. But while Leo might not like it, they do sometimes need someone to keep them from overheating.

None of these issues are insurmountable, and in fact, add color to a strong relationship based on genuine feeling and affection.

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