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Leo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

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Leo and Virgo have everything they need to form a great friendship, though they do not always realize this. Sat next to one another on the zodiac wheel, Leo and Virgo don’t have a problem sitting next to one another in life. But there tends to be a wall between them that takes a bit of work to bring down and reveal their compatibility.

But when astrological events conspire to throw Leo and Virgo together in intense situations, these sun signs can discover a level of mutual respect that can lead to a deep friendship, or even more.

Here are the Leo and Virgo friendship key areas:

Mutual Interests★★☆☆☆
Fun & Excitement★★☆☆☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Are Leo and Virgo Compatible as Friends?

Leo and Virgo have so much in common that they should be fast friends, but they can’t always get past surface differences. Both are incredibly ambitious and believe in individual achievement. But while Leo likes things to come easily and to show off, Virgo believes in hard work, and prefers to let their achievements speak for themselves.

As a result, they can sometimes repel when they first meet, and need to spend a bit of time together to realize that they have found someone who really understands them. But once they have, they can form a strong and lasting bond.

Mutual Interests

While Leo and Virgo are both incredibly ambitious and mainly interested in personal achievement, their different approaches to life mean that their interests often differ.

While Leo is likely to enjoy football or basketball, something popular which can get them quite a bit of attention, Virgo is likely to enjoy dance or martial arts, something that challenges them intellectually as well as physically.

Leo likes to do things that come easily to them, while Virgo tends to think that anything worth doing should be challenging. As a result, they are likely to focus on different interests.

That is not to say that their interests never collide. For example, Leo is likely to excel at public speaking and therefore savor any opportunity to do it. Virgo, on the other hand, is likely to find this a challenge, which is exactly why they want to do it.

But their different attitudes mean that they rarely find themselves stepping on each other’s toes, and can in fact help one another grow.


Both Leo and Virgo can seem a little selfish when compared to some of the other signs. Both have a tendency to put themselves first. And while Leo is not always tuned in to the needs and feelings of the people around them, Virgo might be aware, but reluctant to put themselves forward.

While Leo would hate to know that they were not treating someone impeccably, they do need someone to speak up and tell them what they are doing.  But Virgo is not the type to speak up. They are independent souls who don’t really believe that they need anyone, so they will keep any complaints to themselves.

As a result, these two aren’t likely to become the kinds of friends that rely on each other, or call each other when they need a favor.

But both Leo and Virgo friends pride themselves on being loyal when it really matters. Neither of them would turn their back on a friend in a moment of genuine need. They’ll be on the front line fighting.

Fun & Excitement

Leo and Virgo friends are very different when it comes to their idea of fun and excitement. Leo loves being at the thick of things, and the leader of the adventure. They enjoy being the person who convinces everyone to go along to an underground party after the bars close.

Leo also loves to do anything where they can show off and be the center of attention. They would never say no to an invitation which seems like it might give them an opportunity to shine.

Virgo’s idea of fun is intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to challenge themselves. So, they tend to be more selective with the invitations that they select. They also don’t like to be led. So, if Leo gets too pushy in their role of ringleader, Virgo is likely to rebel. They would rather go off and do their own thing anyway.

Likelihood to Last

If is not always easy for Leo ad Virgo to become friends. They are so different that it puts up a lot of boundaries for them to jump from the outset. But, if they do make a connection, the two aren’t likely to turn their backs on one another.

Neither are likely to be the type to call every other day and make a regular meet up, but once they are in each other’s orbits, they will be happy to stay there. There two will rarely have a reason for genuine arguments.

Leo will appreciate Virgo’s quiet confidence and ambition and recognize that it is something beneficial to have in their lives. Virgo isn’t very demanding of their friends, and so is not easily hurt. They are happy to spend time with Leo when it is convenient for them both.


Most of the time, Leo and Virgo friends tend to form a very loose bond. Virgo tends to keep themselves to themselves except with the people that they trust the most. But Leo is unlikely to engender that in Virgo. Virgo just assumes that Leo is too wrapped up in themselves to really worry about them.

Leo is more of a sharer, but they prefer to put on a show than be vulnerable. They need someone to pull them out of their share to get to a deeper level, and Virgo simply isn’t the type of person to do that.

But it is not unknown that, on occasion, a Leo and a Virgo will bond over some shared experience that breaks down all the walls that the two normally erect. When that happens, they tend to find someone who is completely different, but nevertheless understands them.

Leo and Virgo Potential to be More Than Just Friends

It is not uncommon for Leo and Virgo friends to find themselves attracted to one another. Leo is attracted to Virgo’s quiet confidence, and also intrigued by the fact that Virgo doesn’t seem all that impressed with Leo. Virgo respects Leo’s effortless confidence. While they aren’t a fan of the way Leo brags, they can see past this tendency.

But while these two are likely to find one another intriguing, a relationship between the two can be difficult. Leo is controlling, and likes to have everything their way. While Virgo isn’t worried about being in charge of anyone else, they are most definitely in charge of themselves. They do what they want and don’t like to be controlled.

This can be a source of constant tension for the two, as neither is really willing to compromise to make space for the other person in their life.

If they do manage to find themselves on the same page, the relationship can be very healthy for them both. Virgo can help Leo see the value of hard work, while Leo can show Virgo that its OK to show off just how amazing you are.


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