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Mars in Capricorn Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

Mars in Capricorn Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

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Mars is known as the planet of war and its position in your natal chart is indicative of your more volatile characteristics. It reflects your ambitiousness and approach to pursuing goals, how you assert and defend yourself, and also your primal sexuality.

If you are born under Mars in Capricorn, you are one of those people with so much determination and grit that you can’t lose. This is the kind of staying power that you need to train for a marathon or climb a mountain. But you apply it to every part of your life.

You don’t tend to waste your time arguing with others. Focus on yourself and don’t worry about others is generally your philosophy.

Sexually you have a lot of stamina. You also tend to know that secret to keeping the passion alive in a relationship in the long term.

Celebrities born under Mars in Capricorn include Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, Gwen Stefani, and Julia Roberts.

Not sure where Mars is in your birth chart? Use our free birth chart calculator to find out.

Mars Transit & Retrograde Through Capricorn

While the position of Mars in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, the planet’s continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it influences our fiery energies. It takes six to seven weeks to transit through each sign.

When Mars transits through Capricorn, we all tend to have a bit more determination and staying power than normal. When faced with a situation in which we would usually quit, at this time we can seem to find the energy to push through and reach the next level.

Thankfully, Mars does not retrograde through Capricorn often, as the planet only retrogrades every two years. It will next retrograde through Capricorn in 2033.

Whenever Mars retrogrades, we tend to feel like our energy is highly diminished. When this is combined with the energy of Capricorn, we might also feel ourselves suffering from too singular a focus. We can be at risk of pouring so much into something that we burn out.

Mars in Capricorn Ambition

When you are born under Mars in Capricorn, you tend to be very ambitious to be the best possible version of yourself. But what you imagine to be the best possibility is usually ten times more difficult than most people can imagine.

But despite how high you set the bar for yourself, you are often successful on your path to success because you are just so determined. You have the determination to do what it takes whether that means waking up at 4am every day for a year and never eating another carb for the rest of your life!

You don’t get exhausted working towards your goals, no matter how distant, because you enjoy the process as well. Tracking progress and seeing incremental steps towards success help you along the way.

You also have an innate understanding that apparent setbacks are also part of the process. You know that plateaus or even backward slides often come before a big breakthrough.

Mars in Capricorn Assertiveness

People born under Mars in Capricorn do have a pretty hot temper, but others rarely see it. You don’t tend to waste your time arguing with other people. You are one of the few people who really doesn’t care that much what other people think and do things for yourself. There is no need to waste your energy on conflict.

Instead, you use the hot energy that might flare up as a result of conflict or competition to drive yourself further forward towards your goals. You aren’t the type to brag or “publish” your successes. Your preference is to keep your head down and focus on you. Because it is true that very few people are happy for others when they succeed.

Mars in Capricorn Sexuality

Mars in Capricorn might seem like they are all business on the outside, but they are passionate people and intense lovers. They also have a lot of stamina, so entire nights of sleep lost to sex are not uncommon. But it is amazing how sex replaces the need for sleep.

You also tend to understand better than most how to keep the passion burning in the relationship after the honeymoon period is over. You know that maintaining passion stops being about spontaneity, and starts being about planning and making time for it.

Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

When you are born under Mars in Capricorn, you make a good match with Mars in Virgo or Mars in Cancer. They also have deep running emotions and sexual intensity, and are also willing to work on intimacy in the long term.

Mars in Virgo matches you in that they work to please themselves and tend to keep themselves self-contained. This gives them a similar understated emotional and sexual intensity. Plus, the two of you can be meticulously organized together.

Mars in Cancer has emotions that run close to the surface, which can be intriguing to you. And your more grounded nature can help them find more level ground.

Mars in Capricorn Man

Men born under Mars in Capricorn are those people who appear on the list of most successful people but that you have never heard of. They are too busy seeking real success and happiness to worry about advertising themselves to the world.

He doesn’t have time to waste on things that aren’t important, so he’ll only go after someone for whom he feels an intense attraction. He tends to trust his gut in terms of attraction, and then work hard to determine whether there is also true compatibility there.

These men can find it difficult to start new relationships as they don’t like to make changes in their lives to accommodate a partner. But he will choose to do these naturally over time as long as his partner doesn’t push too hard too soon.

Mars in Capricorn Woman

You can expect women born under Mars in Capricorn to seem like they are introverted. But the reality is that they are too busy winning at life to have time for just anyone. She usually has a small group of close friends rather than being the gregarious social butterfly.

But she is on the quest for happiness, and that does include love that is satisfying on both an emotional and sexual level. She doesn’t want to waste time with anyone who isn’t up to the task, so expect her to make you jump through hoops.

The process of commitment is slow for Mars in Capricorn women, as they aren’t going to sacrifice any of their independence and freedoms easily. But she also has a knack to maintaining newness and passion in the relationship even after it is very mature.

Mars in Capricorn Personality Traits

When you are born with Mars in Capricorn, you are very organized and controlling in every aspect of your life. Combined with your inclination to keep your life private, a lot of people might think that you are uptight. But all this is about controlling your own life, and creating the freedom that you crave.

1. Organized

When you are born under Mars in Capricorn, you like to be organized and you like everything to be just so. You have a lot on your plate, and you want to give your all to everything, and you know that the best way to do that is to be as organized as possible.

You like to put plans in place that means that decisions are already made, and you just need to follow the path. This makes it easy to stick to that diet, hit the gym as often as your promised yourself, or say no to a night out to work on your passion project.

An extension of your need to organize is your need to track. You like to be able to see your progress and know that the plan you have put in place is working. You are probably a fan of self-tracking planners.

2. Controlling

If you are born under this sign, you feel the need to be in control of everything in your life. This is why it can be difficult for you to accept authority figures, and it can be difficult for you to share your space with other people (as all your previous roommates will attest).

Some might think that this makes you uptight, but in fact, it is all about freedom. You don’t want anyone else making decisions for you. Plus, organizing and almost automating a lot of aspects of your life gives you the freedom to be more creative and flexible in other areas.

You also realize that one of the few things that you can control in life is yourself. By keeping command of the things that are in your power, it makes it easier for you to accept and deal with the things that you can’t control.

3. Private

Even if you have social media accounts, they rarely get used and they are probably set to the maximum privacy settings. Or, if you are inclined to use it, you draw strict lines around what gets shared and what doesn’t.

You always do things because you want to do them, and never to please other people. While you appreciate the admiration and recognition of others as much as the next person, you don’t need these things to motivate you.

Life has probably taught you that very few people are genuinely happy for you when you are successful. So, you tend not to broadcast. Instead, you share your wins with the real people in your life who you know are always on your side, no matter what.

Were You Born with Mars in Capricorn?

If you were born with Mars in Capricorn, you are one of the most tenacious and determined signs. You have big dreams, and you have the ability to make the necessary sacrifices to make them a reality. People like you enjoy the process, and you are committed to it, so you can stick to the plan when others quit.

You have very intense emotions, but you rarely show them to anyone. Motivation for you comes from inside. You are one of the few people who genuinely doesn’t really care what others think. So, arguing with someone over something seems like a waste of your time. You are just going to keep doing what you are doing.

You have a lot of sexual energy and staying power. This means stamina on the day-to-day, and also the ability to keep relationships passionate and interesting in the long term.