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Mercury in Cancer Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

Mercury in Cancer Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

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The position of the planet Mercury in your Natal Chart indicates how you tend to think and problem solve. It also reflects your default approach to communications.

If you are born under Mercury in Cancer, you tend to be ruled by your emotions, and you tend to react to things with your emotions rather than logic. While you can be highly emotional when you talk, you also have the emotional intelligence to understand others.

Celebrities born under Mercury in Gemini include Princess Diana, Khloe Kardashian, Tom Cruise, and Chris Evans.

When Mercury Transits through Cancer

As the Earth’s movement makes it appear to us that Mercury is transiting through Cancer, we all get a boost in emotional intelligence.

When Mercury moves through Cancer, you become better at seeing when things are triggering you emotionally. You are also better at recognizing the emotional triggers of others and understanding why they may seem unreasonable.

If you are born under Mercury in Cancer as well, at this time you feel like you have a sixth sense as far as the feelings of others are concerned. This can be both incredibly helpful and a burden.

When Mercury Retrogrades through Cancer

When Mercury retrogrades through any sign it generally hails a time when communication breakdowns cause problems. If it is retrograding through Cancer, everything feels emotionally charged and clouded.

When Mercury retrogrades through Cancer, we all tend to feel our judgment clouded by emotions. Instead of seeing things pragmatically, we can only respond emotionally. We also tend to speak from the heart, which can be good, but can also lead to conflict.

If you are born under Mercury in Cancer, you will probably feel like your usual ability to understand the feelings of others is clouded. You will also find it difficult to keep your emotions in check when you need to discuss difficult topics with others.

Mercury in Cancer Personality Traits

When Mercury is in Cancer, you have a high level of emotional intelligence, which you let guide the way you think and communicate. You are naturally instinctive, and also innately emotional. While you understand your own emotions well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t control them.

1. Emotionally Intelligent

When Mercury is in Cancer, you have a high level of emotional intelligence. This applies to both yourself and others. You have a good understanding of your emotional landscape and what triggers you, and why you feel certain ways in different situations.

You can extend this ability to read and understand emotional states of others. This makes you very empathetic, because you understand when people respond emotionally. You also tend to know what needs to be done to calm another person down.

2. Instinctive

While other people like to puzzle things out logically, you follow your gut. You always trust your instincts when it comes to making big decisions.

While you are led by your heart rather than your head, you rarely find yourself going astray. Your emotional intelligence means that you usually make the right decision, even if you can’t communicate in words exactly why it is the right decision.

3. Highly Emotional

While you understand your emotions, it doesn’t mean that you are very good at controlling them. Because the way you think is so wrapped up with the way that you feel, it can be hard to separate the two when trying to make a case.

This can make you prone to outbursts of anger, crying, or great joy. Because you understand your emotions, this doesn’t leave you off balance, but it is not easy for everyone else to understand.

4. Looking for a Deeper Connection

You don’t tend to be happy with just small talk, you want to talk about the things that matter in life. Not only do you find this intellectually and emotionally stimulating, but you know that this is the path to forming deeper connections.

You have a way of talking that encourages people to open up to you without you ever having to apply pressure.

Mercury in Cancer Man

Men born under Mercury in Cancer are more emotionally available than most. They understand how they feel and they aren’t afraid to share their feelings with others.

They can be very authoritative with their emotional intelligence, which makes them well suited to professions such as doctors, therapists, and psychologists.

Men with this in their natal chart follow their hearts when it comes to love and often end up with someone who is both a best friend and a lover. As he is highly emotional, arguments are not uncommon, but he is always the first to work to resolve problems.

Mercury in Cancer Woman

Women born under Mercury in Cancer are often secure maternal figures that others look to for love and affection. Fortunately, they are well suited to provide.

She is the person that people will naturally gravitate towards when they want to talk about something that is bothering them.

Mercury in Cancer women tend to be attracted to people who might be a little emotionally unavailable. Their ability to read others means that they can break through to these people and create a partnership that is meaningful to both parties.

Mercury in Cancer Compatibility

If you are born under Mercury in Cancer, you will find it easier to connect well with Mercury in Scorpio, who have deep emotions but tend to try to be a mystery. You might also enjoy winning over emotionally withdrawn Mercury in Aquarius.

You will appreciate the deep emotions that Scorpio hides, and the challenge of getting past their defenses to the person underneath. It can help the two of you form an “us against the world” bond.

You will enjoy a similar challenge with Mercury in Aquarius, and you are one of the few people that can crack this difficult nut and form a deep and meaningful relationship.

Were You Born with Mercury in Cancer?

If you were born with Mercury in Cancer, you are blessed with a high level of emotional intelligence. You understand how emotions work and how they influence us, and how to read the emotions of other people.

Just because you understand your emotions doesn’t mean that you have much control over them, so you can be a little volatile when you communicate. But people still have a natural tendency to want to open up to you.