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Mercury in Pisces Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

Mercury in Pisces Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

The position of the planet Mercury in your Natal Chart indicates how you tend to think and problem solve. It also reflects your default approach to communications.

If you are born under Mercury in Pisces, you are naturally inclined to see and understand the connections and forces between people, which tends to push you towards the spiritual. You are very empathetic and good at getting your point across, but even better at helping others communicate what they really want to say.

Celebrities born under Mercury in Pisces include Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and Camila Cabello.

When Mercury Transits through Pisces

As the Earth’s movement makes it appear to us that Mercury is transiting through Pisces, we all tend to feel ourselves more open-minded and accepting of new ideas and different points of view.

When Mercury moves through Pisces, if you have been at an impasse with an idea or a person, you will suddenly find that you are able to change your perspective and be more accepting. At this time, most of us also feel more drawn to the supernatural.

If you are born under Mercury in Pisces, you may feel like you have a sixth sense at this time. You can sense what the people around you need and just know in your gut how things are going to work out. Now is the time to follow your instincts.

When Mercury Retrogrades through Pisces

When Mercury retrogrades through any sign it generally hails a time when communication breakdowns cause problems. If it is retrograding through Pisces, you can expect to feel a little paranoid.

When Mercury retrogrades through Pisces, the unseen tends to encroach on your world, and because you can’t see it, it can be upsetting for you. You might start to question yourself at this time and fall into the trap of second-guessing yourself.

If you are born under Mercury in Pisces, you will find that your usually sharp instincts are a bit off and you occasionally stumble in your decision-making or say the wrong thing.

Mercury in Pisces Personality Traits

When Mercury is in Pisces, you are good at reading the world and this means that your instincts are always spot on. Your ability to see “more” of the world also draws you towards the spiritual. While you are a natural communicator, your real talent is helping others to express themselves.

1. Sharp Instincts

When you are a Mercury in Pisces, you have incredibly good instincts that rarely lead you astray. You are good at reading people and their motivations and feelings, and you are also good at seeing the energy that connects things.

You can’t always explain how you understand things, but you always see things clear. Because you are also a very genuine person, this means that you always tend to make the right decisions.

2. Highly Spiritual

Your enhanced perception of the world means that you understand better than most that there is more to life that what we can perceive and understand. But just because you accept that fact doesn’t mean that you aren’t seeking a deeper meaning, you are highly curious.

You tend to be drawn to the spiritual, and probably from more than just an academic perspective. For you, this is something that you will want to incorporate into the day-to-day elements of your life.

3. Communications Conduit

You are incredibly good at expressing yourself with both your verbal and physical language, but your real communications skill is that you enable others to open up and express themselves. A lot of the time people fear that others won’t understand them or struggle to find the words.

Something about your presence and the level of empathy that you naturally express make people more inclined to want to open up to you. You also tend to know just the right questions to ask and just how hard to push to help people break down their own barriers.

4. Open & Caring

You are a naturally genuine person who cares deeply about the happiness and prosperity of others. This partly stems from your empathy. Because you understand other people so well, it is easier for you to take on their needs and desire success for them.

But this can also make you susceptible to hurt. You are so bare to the world around you that the darker elements of your life can leave deep wounds.

Mercury in Pisces Man

Men born under Mercury in Pisces come across as sensitive, but in a tough way as they tend to deal with their emotions in themselves.

He probably thrives when he is part of a community, that not only love and supports him, but gives him a purpose and people that need his support.

These men can be drawn to partners that like to create drama, because they want to help them. But he does better with someone who is emotionally stable because he takes on all of their feelings as his own.

Mercury in Pisces Woman

Women born under Mercury in Pisces feel like care givers, but not in a mothering kind of way. There are things that you would never tell you mother, but these boundaries don’t exist with Pisces.

While men born under Mercury in Pisces thrive in spiritual communities, women often do better on their own. It allows them to follow their instincts rather than be constrained by the rules of the group.

These women are often drawn to partners that they can fix and save, and while they are more prepared for this challenge than most, it can also lead to a lot of heartbreak. She needs a sensitive soul who is strong and comfortable within themselves.

Mercury in Pisces Compatibility

If you are born under Mercury in Pisces, you will be very compatible with Mercury in Leo who are strong but straightforward, and you will probably find Mercury in Scorpio irresistible.

While you are attracted to people who have powerful emotions, they can take you on a rollercoaster ride. But while Leo has powerful emotions, they are also straightforward and honest, which means that they fulfil your need without burdening you.

Your need to help and “fix” people means that you will probably find complicated Mercury in Scorpio appealing as you try and unravel their games and pull on the emotions just under the surface. Things don’t always go well, but if you can break through you will find a genuinely loving partner.

Were You Born with Mercury in Pisces?

If you were born with Mercury in Pisces, you are the spiritual children of the zodiac. You can better see the unseen in the universe and tend to feel drawn to it. You also have incredible instincts that rarely lead you astray.

For you, helping other people to open up and express themselves is highly fulfilling, and can be a calling in life. But you need to be careful not to pick up the heavy burdens of others and make them your own.