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Pisces and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces are the great friends of the zodiac wheel, so it should come as no surprise that Pisces and Pisces friendships are something very special.

This astrological sign is genuine and deeply cares about other people. They also know that it is the people that they spend their time with that define them, so they have the horoscope to be good friends.

But Pisces rarely receives the same kind of genuine and unconditional friendship that they themselves offer. But they will find this with another Pisces. This makes them infinitely compatible.

Here are the Pisces and Pisces friendship key areas:

Mutual Interests★★★★★
Fun and Excitement★★★★★
Likelihood to Last★★★★★

Pisces and Pisces Compatible as Friends?

Two Pisces together make excellent friends. A Pisces is the kind of friend that anyone would like to have as they are open, genuine, and caring.

But Pisces’ friendships can often be one-sided, because they are so giving, the other side cannot help but take. But with another Pisces they have that generosity of spirit reflected back at them, and they are both invigorated.

Pisces often feel like they need to hook their wagon to a confident friend to find the confidence that they themselves lack. But, in fact, when they receive the same love and unconditional support that they themselves offer, they tend to find this confidence within themselves.

Mutual Interests

Two Pisces will have no trouble finding plenty in common. They are creative, artistic, and eclectic in their interests. They also take the time to really listen and understand what other people are interested, and to become inspired themselves by those interests.

People born under Pisces also tend to be highly spiritual, and interested in both the religious and the supernatural. This can often be a shared source of experience that brings the two together.

But above all, Pisces are interested in other people. They love learning what makes people tick and what is important to them.


Pisces are incredibly generous, and nothing brings them more pleasure than putting a smile on another person’s face. They also hate to think of themselves as the source of someone else’s troubles. This makes them very loyal, caring, and trustworthy friends.

But, while Pisces is accustomed to being the giver in most of their relationships, with another Pisces, they will have the pleasure of receiving that same generosity. Pisces is in a better position to appreciate exactly what that means than most.

The result is a highly loyal friendship with two individual who would do anything for each other, and also appreciate just what the other person is willing to give.

Fun & Excitement

Pisces firmly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and there is nothing they enjoy more than being around people. But more than that, they have the most fun when they embark on their adventures with a partner in crime. It is hard for Pisces to find a better “wing-man” than another Pisces.

Both are spontaneous, and while they can lack confidence on their own, they can be daring when they have the security of a friend by their side.

The biggest challenge is that neither of them is good at saying no, and neither of them wants the fun to end. Many a night’s sleep will be lost as neither will want to call it a night.

Likelihood to Last

Pisces value the people that they have in their lives, and so their friendships tend to last. They also rarely fight with any of their friends, and will bend over backward to avoid upsetting someone else, so Pisces rarely have a falling out. This is doubly the case when we are talking about two Pisces together.

Pisces are the type of friends that do not feel less strongly about someone just because they do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. But Pisces also likes to see the people that they love a lot.

So two Pisces are likely to go out of the way to make time for one another, even when life’s machinations make that increasingly challenging.


Two Pisces will have no problem forming a deep and genuine bond. They are both open and honest with their thoughts, and also excellent listeners, so there are no barriers to these two making a connection.

When they do connect, it can be one of the best bonds that they have in their lives. This is because their giving nature can encourage others to take, and they can end up with a bond that is uneven. But with another Pisces, the flow of give and take is much more even, and therefore highly fulfilling for them both.

Pisces and Pisces Potential to be More Than Just Friends

While two Pisces might not find love at first sight, when they do get involved romantically it can be very special indeed.

Pisces is often looking for something that they do not have in a partner. They want someone strong and confident who they feel can compensate for some of the insecurities.

For this reason, they are often attracted to the likes of Leo and Aries. But this doesn’t always work out.

Pisces are very giving, and do not always know how to stand up and say what they need. Assertive signs can unconsciously take advantage of this, enjoying Pisces’ generous nature, without really realizing that they are not giving Pisces what they need in return, since Pisces would never say anything.

However, when two Pisces enter a relationship, they can suddenly find their giving nature reflected back at them, and this can be invigorating. They might feel like they need someone with confidence to give them confidence.

But with another Pisces, they have someone who believes in them and supports them, which lets them find that confidence for themselves.

Two Pisces will probably never fight, as both like to be accommodating, but it does mean that making the tough decisions can be hard with neither of them willing to take a stand. But this won’t be a problem for the Pisces pair. With so much positive energy in the room, they always fall on their feet.

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