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Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

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Friendships between one Scorpio and another Scorpio work well. People born under this sun sign can be brutally honest and sharp-tongued, so they can tend to bicker, but their connection is based on genuine trust and respect.

One of the water signs on the zodiac wheel, while Scorpio might seem as hard as nails, they are actually highly emotional and looking for compatible friends with which to share themselves. Their suspicious nature means that it can be hard for them to find an astrological match, but another Scorpio is always a good friend.

Here are the Scorpio and Scorpio friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★★☆
Fun and Excitement★★★★★
Likelihood to Last★★★★★

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatible as Friends?

Scorpio and Scorpio friendships work well, though they can take a while to develop. This sign takes a long time to trust, and often sabotages relationships with suspicion. But Scorpios are often brutally honest, giving their friendship a firm basis to develop trust over time.

There is nothing that two Scorpios will love to do more than get to the bottom of a mystery together, especially if it is about someone that they both know. And while they might start with gossip, they will soon find themselves sharing their deeper thoughts and emotions and developing a strong bond.

Mutual Interests

Scorpio and Scorpio love the same things. They love mystery and having problems to solve, and neither of them can resist poking into secrets and trying to figure things out.

Scorpios consider themselves to be comedians (though whether others would agree is questionable) and love to reinvent themselves at every opportunity.

But while these mutual interests might make two Scorpios a dynamic duo, it can also bring them into conflict. Both are very controlling and like to have things their way.

If they are competing for control in some way, they can certainly find themselves rubbing up against one another.


Scorpios are scrupulously honest, so you can always trust a Scorpio. What they say is what they mean. But Scorpio is not always overly trusting. Too often they have discovered that others are not as careful with their word as they are, and have been let down. As a result, they are the type of people that are always “on alert” and suspicious.

This means that, while two Scorpios can certainly trust each other, an air of suspicion often hands between them. With time one Scorpio will learn that another is as good to their word as they are, but this won’t happen overnight.

In general, Scorpios tend to be loners and they don’t really like to rely on other people. They prefer to rely on themselves. But if push comes to shove and they really do need someone, they will probably be happy to call another Scorpio who they can trust, and understands just how difficult it was for them to ask.

Fun & Excitement

Two Scorpios have the same idea of fun. They enjoy doing anything that is challenging and new, and where they can perform a little bit for a crowd. Secretive Scorpios tend to be very good actors. Add to that a mystery to solve, and there is no stopping Scorpio.

They love to be at the thick of things, watching people, and gossiping about everything that happened later. This is something that two Scorpios will love to do together, so they love both hitting to town as a duo, and chatting about what happened the next day.

Scorpio also enjoys the thrill of taking a few risks, though they have always calculated how things are likely to work out, so they know how much they are gambling. They will love to have another Scorpio by their side to check their working.

Likelihood to Last

Scorpios tend to be loners, sometimes as a matter of necessity as they don’t trust easily, so there is a part of them that they always keep to themselves.

This lack of track can also undermine relationships as it can lead to explosive fights, or just a breakdown in trust. Plus, Scorpio is unforgiving, and once they have been crossed there is no going back.

Despite both bringing this character trait to the table, a friendship between two Scorpios may last longer than most. They are both scrupulously honest, which means that they don’t find themselves crossing one another. While harsh words may be exchanged, both tend to prefer to brutal truth to beating around the bush.


If two Scorpios manage to put their power struggle to one side and become friends, they are likely to develop a deep bond. They love talking about the same things, mostly other people and their secrets, but the conversation can easily extend to themselves.

While they usually like to keep their thoughts and emotions under wraps, they will feel more comfortable opening up to one another than with most people.

For this reason, a friendship between two Scorpios might be one of the most valuable that both have in their lives.

Scorpio and Scorpio Potential to be More Than Just Friends

The way that two Scorpios can bond means that it is not uncommon for love to develop. Whether a romantic relationship will work out depends largely on whether these two are on the same page with what they want in life.

Scorpios are very controlling, and they don’t really like to compromise for anyone. While they might be able to make some small shifts for someone they really care about, budging them on the fundamentals is pretty much impossible.

But if the two Scorpios do find themselves compatible, they have the potential to grow into a beautiful relationship. They will be able to share every part of themselves in a way that they can with few people.

To outsiders, a Scorpio couple might seem like they bicker a lot. But this is just them telling it as it is. And thy don’t mind, they quite enjoy the banter.

At the same time, while Scorpios seem hard on the outside, they are highly emotional on the inside, so there is no lack of depth in their relationship.