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9 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

9 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

Cancer men are special and full of surprises. These guys have a unique lens through which they see the world.

There is something beautiful about a Cancer man’s sensitive and emotional nature. It is no wonder that they seem to be so easy to fall for.

But figuring out if a Cancer man likes you isn’t always the easiest task… They’re extremely introverted and very guarded with their feelings.

You might think a Cancer man is totally disinterested in you, while he is actually totally in love with you.

It can be so confusing to figure out how he feels about you because he keeps his cards so close to his chest.

So what exactly are the signs a Cancer man likes you and has feelings for you?

The signs to look out for when a Cancer man likes you is when he wants to spend all of his free time with you because you make him feel at home.

He’s an emotional guy, but you’ll notice him opening up and being vulnerable with you and he doesn’t hide how sentimental he gets in your presence.

Here are some cut and dry signs a Cancer man has feelings for you.

1. He Can’t Get Enough of You

Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings for You - He Cant Get Enough of You
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When a Cancer man falls, he falls hard. He is an extremely attentive man and when he has feelings for a woman he will want to spend all of his free time with her.

His relationships take top priority in his life because he really enjoys forming deep bonds with people. Connection is the thing that makes him the happiest in life.

When a Cancer man likes you, you’ll constantly be on his mind and he will go out of his way to give you attention and affection.

He’ll want you to know that you’re important to him by making you feel special.

A Cancer man may be shy and won’t directly say how he feels about you, but you will know you mean something to him by the amount of attention he gives you.

2. He Opens Up to You

Cancer men are generally quite vulnerable and in touch with their emotions. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that they will open up to just about anyone.

A Cancer man is extremely selective about who he shares his deepest and darkest secrets with. He doesn’t want just about everyone to know his business. He likes to keep things private.

This is why it is usually a very good indication that a Cancer man has feelings for you when he opens up to you and isn’t afraid of being vulnerable in your presence.

This means that he feels safe around you and that he thinks he can trust you. This is a major compliment coming from a Cancer man.

3. He Cooks for You

Signs a Cancer Guy Likes You - He Cooks For You
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Cancer men are by nature nurturers. They want their nearest and dearest to feel safe and well taken care of in their presence.

This is why it is such a good sign that a Cancer man has a crush on you if he offers to cook for you. You must’ve left quite a big impression on him.

Cooking for someone can be considered one of the ways he expresses his affection. He thoroughly enjoys being able to nourish his special someone with good food.

He believes that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

4. He Is Fiercely Protective of You

A Cancer man may be soft and gentle, but if anyone were to hurt the woman he cares about, it would make him extremely angry. He doesn’t often show his angry side, but in this case, he would.

If you notice that your Cancer man coming to your rescue when someone disrespects you or treats you badly, then chances are very good that you mean more to him than just being friends.

He can’t bear seeing the woman he likes being unhappy about anything, so he will go out of his way to make you realize that he is going to protect you, no matter what.

5. He Discusses a Future with You

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You - He Discusses a Future with You
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Cancer men aren’t afraid of commitment. In fact, these guys thrive being in a partnership and this is what they are looking for in life.

When a Cancer man has feelings for you, he won’t shy away from talking about a future with you. He will want you to know he is serious about you and is thinking ahead.

He’ll include you in all of his future plans and make you feel extremely wanted in his life. There will be no doubt about the way he feels about you.

A Cancer man may be shy, but when it comes to settling down and committing to someone, he takes it very seriously. When he has his eyes set on you, you’ll know.

6. He Keeps His Word

In modern dating, it is very common to find a man making all kinds of empty promises. But a Cancer man is different. He always sticks to his word, no matter what.

A Cancer man is quite traditional and has very respectable values. So when he has feelings for someone, he won’t play with her mind or her emotions. He is far too sensitive for that.

When you notice your Cancer man consistently keeping his word and doing what he says he will, there is a very good chance that he has deep feelings for you.

He wants you to know that you can trust him and that he is always going to be honest with you.

7. He Sends You Sweet Text Messages

Signs a Cancer Guy Has Feelings For You - He Sends You Sweet Text Messages
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Cancer men love connection and thus find it quite useful to keep in touch through text messages, especially if they can’t see you in person for a few days.

He will consistently send you ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ text messages to make it clear that he is thinking about you. You will also find him being vulnerable by sharing his feelings for you over text.

The way a Cancer man communicates when he likes you is very sensitive and emotional. He will want to share his deepest thoughts with you and have very meaningful conversations through text.

He needs this level of intimacy to feel truly connected to you.

8. He Is Sentimental About You

A Cancer man is probably one of the most sentimental beings you could ever find, especially when he happens to have feelings for you.

He’ll tend to collect all kinds of memorabilia that reminds him of you. He will keep the photographs the two of you took together on a date, or play you the song he heard when he first met you.

He’ll wear the scarf or the jumper you gave him, or keep you updated on the plant he bought with you at the nursery.

All these little things he’ll remember about you, and share with you when he really likes you.

9. He Focuses On You

Most Cancer men are quite shy, especially when they have feelings for someone because it makes them feel vulnerable. But when he really likes a woman, he will focus on her intently.

When you suspect that a Cancer man has feelings for you, observe the way he acts around you.

Does he look into your eyes when you are talking? Does he go out of his way to be close to you? Or does he find ways to touch you?

Pay attention to these signs because when a Cancer man has feelings for you, he won’t be able to hide it, no matter how shy he might be.

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