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9 Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

9 Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

There is nothing sexier than a hard-working, ambitious man like a Capricorn. This guy is going places and knows what he wants out of life.

He has a vision and many goals for his future. Nothing will stop him from achieving his dreams.

But where do love and romance fit into all of this? Does a Capricorn man even have time for a relationship if he’s so busy making his dreams come true?

Seeing how hard a Capricorn man works might discourage you from pursuing a relationship with him…

You might think that it is impossible to know if a Capricorn has feelings for you because he seems so focused.

But what are the signs a Capricorn man likes you more than friends?

The main signs a Capricorn man likes you is when he makes time for you despite his busy schedule. You notice him putting down his guard and being silly with you.

He is serious about you and this is why he takes things slow when getting to know you. To build a stable and solid foundation with you is important to him.

Here are some of the most obvious signs that a Capricorn is interested in you.

1. He Prioritises You

There is a lot going on in a Capricorn man’s life while he builds his empire and it can be quite difficult for him to find free time.

However, when a Capricorn man likes a woman, he will prioritize spending time with her.

If a Capricorn man always has time for you despite being so busy then the chances are very good that he has strong feelings for you.

This is a major compliment because you are clearly worth investing in. He probably sees you as someone with serious potential.

2. He Lets Down His Guard

Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You - He Lets Down His Guard
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Capricorn men have very high walls they build around their hearts to protect themselves from getting hurt.

These men prefer to keep people at an arms-length because it is difficult for them to get vulnerable with others. They want to appear strong, confident, and self-assured.

A Capricorn man is under the impression that vulnerability and sensitivity can be seen as a weakness.

However, when a Capricorn man likes you, you will notice him slowly becoming more comfortable with opening up to you.

He will let you in on his secrets, fears, as well as his hopes, and dreams. He doesn’t do this with just anyone, so count yourself lucky.

3. He Is Interested In Your Life

Capricorn men can sometimes have a singular vision because of their determination to achieve their dreams.

However, when a Capricorn man likes you, he’ll take a very keen interest in your life and ask you all kinds of questions about yourself.

A Capricorn man will never waste his time by getting to know someone he doesn’t have a genuine interest in.

If he’s asking you a lot of questions about yourself, it is a very good sign.

He wants to get to know you and figure out who you are as a person.

4. He Introduces You To Friends and Family

Signs a Capricorn Guy has Feelings - He Introduces You To Friends and Family
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It can take a very long time for a Capricorn man to warm up to allowing someone new into his life.

He doesn’t trust very easily and this is why it can take so long to get to know him properly.

That being said, when a Capricorn man likes you, he will start introducing you to his friends and family.

This means that he sees you as someone really special. You clearly have the potential to stick around for quite some time.

5. He Discusses Commitment with You

A Capricorn man is all about the long-term. This gentleman doesn’t like short-term flings or people who come and go out of his life.

He is looking for something more long-lasting. Commitment is a very big deal to a Capricorn man and it is something he takes seriously.

One of the biggest signs a Capricorn man likes you is when he starts mentioning commitment and a future with you.

You have clearly left quite a good impression on him because he won’t just settle down with anyone.

6. He Checks In

When dating a Capricorn man knowing that he has very little free time comes with the territory.

However, when a Capricorn man likes you, he’ll make it known that he is thinking about you, despite being so busy.

He tries his best to check in on you by sending a short text or giving you a quick call when he has the time to do so.

Just remember he simply doesn’t have the time to be stuck to his phone, so don’t get discouraged if he barely texts you.

This makes it a lot more special when you do receive an unexpected message from him!

7. He Takes Things Slow

Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You - He Takes Things Slow
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You wouldn’t say so, but most Capricorn men are actually extremely shy, especially when it comes to romance.

Although they are go-getters in their work-life, dating is a completely different story.

The truth is, a Capricorn man is really afraid of getting hurt and this is why he prefers to take things slow when it comes to love.

He wants to make sure that the two of you are on the same page and really get to know you before taking the next step.

When a Capricorn man spends time with you consistently and isn’t rushing to take things to the next step, then it is a wonderful sign that he is really interested in you.

Let him lead the way and follow his pace. He really enjoys being a leader.

8. He Gets Jealous or Domineering

A Capricorn man likes to be in control of everything. Control and power make him feel safe, stable, and secure.

This quality certainly helps in his career, but often also makes its way into his relationships.

When a Capricorn man likes you, he is going to sometimes get a little jealous or even controlling.

He wants to protect the relationship he has with you and thinks by forcing control he’ll be able to achieve this.

When a Capricorn man behaves like this, he is scared to lose you.

It is difficult for him to trust, so reassuring him of your feelings should put his mind at ease.

9. He Shows His Funny Side

As a general rule, a Capricorn man is very stern and serious. He is a hard nut to crack.

However, when a Capricorn likes you, he’ll be more comfortable letting his guard down because he feels a connection with you.

You will notice him telling jokes, laughing, and seeming more relaxed around you. His sense of humor might come as a surprise to you at first.

But you clearly make him feel at ease and comfortable in your presence.

Katrina is a South African born Astrologer residing in Cape Town. Her passion for Astrology came to her at a young age when she first discovered the writings of Linda Goodman.

Her journey then took a bit of a detour as she found herself in the fashion and modeling industry for most of her twenties. She then rediscovered Astrology and the Tarot in 2017 when she joined a 13-week Astrology course under the tutelage of Margarita Celeste.

The Astrology bug bit hard as she then proceeded to enroll in Rod Suskin's 3-year Astrology course. Since then she has had a successful run writing for all kinds of websites, blogs, and apps.

Her passion lies in understanding others better through Astrology and recognizing how empowering it can be to use the stars as a guiding force in one's life.

Her favorite topic has to relationship Astrology and how people can improve their connections by simply looking at the stars.