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9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

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Falling in love with a Leo man is an exhilarating experience. This guy is so passionate, charming, and exciting to be around. He is a desirable mate, that is for sure.

He certainly knows how to woo the ladies with his irresistible charm. There is a glow about him and it isn’t a wonder why you find him so attractive. Everything about him is designed to entice attraction.

This fire sign knows how to bring the heat, but it might not be that obvious that he has a crush on you.

He’s forward, direct, and likes to wear his heart on his sleeve, but what exactly are the signs that a Leo man has feelings for you?

The obvious signs that a Leo man likes you is that he is very romantic whenever you meet him. He makes you feel like the most special girl in the world because of his charming and passionate personality.

He’ll give you many gifts and shower you with attention because he likes to leave his mark, but he’ll also know when to be vulnerable with you.

Here is a list of signs a Leo man is interested in you.

1. He Will Woo You Romantically

Signs a Leo Man Has Feelings for You - He Will Woo You Romantically
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There is no other sign that is quite as romantic as a Leo. This guy just knows how to win women over with his wit and charm.

When a Leo man has a crush on a woman he will pull out all the stops to make it known what his feelings are. He doesn’t shy away from expressing his affections.

A Leo man will be direct and ask you on a date. You might be surprised at the amount of effort he puts into courting you.

You can expect a romantic candlelit dinner, followed by a starlit walk around the park. When a Leo man likes you he is going to do everything to win you over.

2. He Showers You With Attention

Leo men know a thing or two about attention because they thrive off of it. They love to be adored and admired by pretty much anyone.

These men give as good as they get, so when you notice a Leo man investing quite a bit of time and attention into you, then he likely has a thing for you.

When a Leo man has feelings for you, you will become the center of his world. He’ll spend so much time and energy making you feel like a million bucks.

He will be there for you when you need him and even when you don’t. He’s a pretty special and popular guy, so the fact that he’s investing so much time into you is a very good sign!

Just remember that he appreciates this when you reciprocate this level of attention.

3. He Will Want To Show You Off

A Leo man in love is a proud Leo. One of his favorite things to do when he finds a mate is to show her off to the world.

When you find him introducing you to everyone in his life as he boasts about your accomplishments, there is a very good chance that he has deep feelings for you.

When a Leo man likes you, he is going to want to claim you and one of the easy ways to do this is by showing you off to his friends and family. He wants the world to know that you are his!

4. He Gets Vulnerable with You

Signs a Leo Man Likes You - He Gets Vulnerable with You
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Leo men usually project this energy of confidence and self-esteem. This is why people often say they have really large egos, but this all just stems from a feeling of insecurity and perhaps not being good enough.

It is quite unusual for a Leo man to show his softer side to the world, but when he likes you, he certainly will.

A Leo man in love is a vulnerable man. One of his greatest fears is falling for someone and then getting hurt, so when a Leo man shows his softer side, it is quite likely he has feelings for you.

It shows that he trusts you enough to remove his mask and that you won’t judge him for who he is at his core.

5. He Acts Proud But Distant

You don’t often hear about shy Leo men, but they definitely do exist. The shy Leo men are usually the ones who are a lot more guarded than the others.

When a shy Leo man is interested in you, he might act quite strangely around you. Instead of letting his guard down, he’ll pretend not to even notice when you enter a room.

He will act distant and like he couldn’t care less that you are around him. He thinks that if he doesn’t pay you any attention, it will make him seem more mysterious and intriguing.

With a shy Leo man, it will take a lot of work and persistence to crack his shell to soften him up. But if you think he is worth it, then go for it!

6. He Often Texts and Calls

Signs a Leo Man has Feelings For You - He Often Texts and Calls
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When a Leo man has feelings for you, he is going to want to talk to you all of the time. He’ll want to check up on how you are doing and fill you in on all of the details of his exciting life.

He is quite the storyteller and loves to have a captive audience, especially when it is the special woman in his life.

When you notice him get really excited sharing things with you, it means he is seeking your approval.

When a Leo man invests time into communicating with you, it means that he probably has strong feelings for you. He wouldn’t just chat with anyone all day.

7. He Makes His Feelings Known

One of the best attributes of a Leo man is the fact that he is so direct, open, and honest. You never have to guess how he feels about you because he will tell you straight up.

He isn’t shy to say how he feels because he just isn’t the type to bottle up his feelings. He will want you to know how special you are to him.

A Leo man tends to be a little impatient when it comes to love and relationships. So if he is confessing his feelings to you, then he probably wants to take things to the next level with you quickly.

8. He Professes His Loyalty To You

A Leo man is a one-woman kind of guy. He is quite fond of commitment and quite likes being in a long-term relationship.

He may enjoy attention and admiration from the world, but when he falls in love he usually only has eyes for one person. He’s extremely loyal and makes this fact known.

When a Leo man likes you, he will let you know that you are the only woman he is interested in. He will stop seeing everyone else and focus on you solely.

So when a Leo man says he’s loyal and dedicated to you and the relationship, then you can rest easy and believe him because he honestly means it.

9. He Spoils You With Gifts

Signs a Leo Guy Likes You - He Spoils You with Gifts
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Leo men love luxury and beautiful things. These men are very stylish and have amazing taste. When a Leo man likes you, he is going to want to spoil you rotten with gifts.

He can be quite old-fashioned, so whenever the two of you go on a date he will likely bring gifts in the form of flowers or chocolates.

He will want to make you feel like a million bucks, especially on events such as birthdays or Christmas. A Leo man is the type of guy who likes to go all out.

If you notice your Leo guy always bringing gifts, picking up the tab, or surprising you with fun events, then it is very likely that he has feelings for you.