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9 Signs a Libra Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

9 Signs a Libra Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

Libra men are romantic, charming, and most definitely relationship material.

However these guys are big flirts and love to be social, so his feelings for you could be quite misleading.

One minute you think he’s into you, and the next you might see him chatting up someone else. He is quite the socialite which makes him a popular suitor.

Women just love being around him because he is so friendly, witty, and full of charm.

He never has to work too hard to get a date, but getting him to settle down is another story.

He wants to be in a relationship with his perfect woman, but sometimes he can be a little indecisive or feel like he needs to please others before he can make himself happy.

A Libra man is easygoing and likes to make everyone feel comfortable and this is why it is so difficult to tell whether he has feelings for you or not.

So what are the signs a Libra man likes you?

Clear signs a Libra man has feelings for you is that he’s always out to impress and compliment you.

It is important for a Libra man to be liked, so he’ll go out of his way to help you and make you feel special by giving you gifts and sharing his vulnerable side.

Here are the cut and dry signs a Libra man is more interested in you than friends.

1. He Wants to Impress You

Signs a Libra Man Likes You - He Wants to Impress You
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When a Libra man has feelings for you he is going to do absolutely everything to improve himself to make you happy.

He wants to be the best version of himself so that you will be impressed by him.

He wants you to see him as the most amazing person you have ever met because he wants you to fall deeply in love with him.

When a Libra man likes you he is going to try and rock your world. You’ll have no other option but to be with him.

You will notice him working out more, wearing the clothes that you have complimented him in, and going after his ambitions.

He wants you to see that he is a mate worthy of your affections.

He will prove to you that he is the best partner you could ever dream of being with.

2. He Shares His Vulnerable Side With You

Libra men know what it takes to make a woman fall in love with them. They know that they need to show their softer side to sweeten their girl up.

Women appreciate vulnerability and seeing a man take down his mask.

When a Libra man likes you, he will have no issue showing his vulnerable side.

He knows that this is important to create an intimate connection and bond with you. He will easily open up about his emotional fears and share his secrets with you.

When a Libra man likes you, he wants you to see his true self without any pretense.

He has insecurities like us all, he’s just happier to share them if he feels safe with you.

3. He Wants Commitment

Out of all the signs in the Zodiac, a Libra man is the one most likely to want to commit to a relationship. Don’t be fooled though, this man is very picky.

A Libra man has a streak of perfectionism in him and his standards are very high.

So when a Libra man starts discussing commitment with you, there is a very good chance that he likes you very much.

A Libra man isn’t a player. He respects women and wouldn’t want to do anything that could potentially hurt you.

When he discusses a future with you, it means that he is taking this connection with you very seriously.

4. He Gives You Gifts

Signs a Libra Man has Feelings For You - He Gives You Gifts
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One of the benefits of dating a Venus-ruled sign like Libra is all the gifts that come with being with him.

He has great taste in pretty much everything from clothing to art, to food.

And one of his love languages is definitely gift-giving. When a Libra man likes you, he is going to spoil you rotten with gifts.

He likes to show how much he cares for you by buying you little things to remember him by. He wants you to feel loved and appreciated.

You’re a lucky girl because there is no greater zodiac sign to receive a gift from than a Libra.

5. He Likes to Text You

A Libra man is a sociable man, he likes to communicate and keep in touch with his nearest and dearest.

He is the type of guy to enjoy texting or chatting on the phone. He knows how important this is when building a connection with someone special.

When a Libra man likes you, he’ll keep in touch throughout the day by sharing what he is up to or checking in with how you are doing.

He’ll also be quite active on your social media pages by liking your posts or leaving comments under your photos.

This is a way of him claiming you as his.

So if you notice your Libra man consistently giving you attention online, then there is a very good chance that he may have feelings for you.

6. He Goes Out of His Way For You

When a Libra man likes you, his whole world will be centered around your happiness. This means he will do absolutely any and everything to make you happy.

He’ll move mountains for you if it means that he gets to see a smile on your face.

When a Libra man has a crush on you, he’ll never be too busy to assist you.

He will be the first to support you or help you out with an emergency. He wants you to know that he’ll do anything for you.

You will notice that he goes above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease at all times.

7. He Courts You

Signs a Libra Guy Likes You - He Courts You
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A Libra man is an old-fashion romantic, especially when he is one of the shier Libras around. He’ll put in a lot of effort to win you over.

When a shy Libra man likes you, he’ll ask you out on a date and court you by being incredibly romantic.

He’ll come to pick you up, give you flowers, and take you to a nice restaurant.

He is trying to show you how much you mean to him and that he is willing to go the extra mile to make you his woman.

A Libra man is always a gentleman, but when he has feelings involved, he’ll always take it to the next level.

And if he is a shy Libra man he is going to take things slow and win you over one spectacular date after the other.

You will definitely feel like a princess if a Libra man likes you.

8. He Doesn’t Flirt with Other Women

A single Libra man tends to be quite the flirt. Women seem to flock to him like birds and love being in his company.

It really isn’t difficult for a Libra man to get a date.

But when a Libra man likes a woman, he’ll shut out everyone else and focus solely on you. You will notice that you are always the center of his attention.

He’ll become very serious about you and make you understand that there is no one else out there better suited for him than you.

He is going to make you feel very special.

When you notice him being very curt with other women or ignoring them when they try to speak to him, then the chances are good that he has very strong feelings for you.

9. He Compliments You

Libra men have a knack for making others feel good and lifting their spirits.

When a Libra man likes you, he is going to compliment you every chance he gets.

He wants you to feel amazing in his presence and always have you associate good energy with him.

It is so important for him to be liked by you, so he’ll stop by nothing to assure this.

If a Libra man has feelings for you, you’ll know by the lovely things he has to say to you.

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