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Taurus and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer make great friends, and form friendships based on loyalty, trust, and a shared belief in the importance of home and family – including the family that you choose.

Sat close together on the zodiac wheel, these two sun signs will not always see their compatibility at first. Their friendship can take a while to form and blossom. But once the garden grows, their horoscopes find themselves in a greenhouse where anything can grow.

Overview of the Taurus and Cancer Friendship Compatibility:

  • Mutual Interests: ★★★☆☆
  • Loyalty: ★★★★☆
  • Fun & Excitement: ★★★☆☆
  • Likelihood to last: ★★★★☆
  • Bond: ★★★★☆

Are Taurus and Cancer Compatible as Friends?

Taurus and Cancer have everything it takes to become great friends if they can see past their surface differences. While Taurus prioritizes personal success, Cancer values community. But, in reality, they both prioritize home, hearth, and the people they care about, they just come at it from different angles.

If Taurus and Cancer spend any amount of time together, they will quickly realize that they are very much on the same page. It won’t be long before they form a deep bond based on genuine loyalty, trust, and love.

Mutual Interests

Taurus and Cancer both tend to be looking for stability in life, though what they are after is quite different. Taurus is looking for personal security in terms of job and home, while Cancer is looking for the security of their position within the community. While these things are very different, they complement each other.

Also, Cancer is very family-oriented and think that blood and where you come from is important. Taurus, who believes in the bigger picture of life, also finds these constants to be compelling, and this is something that they can bond over.

Both Taurus and Cancer are also incredibly generous and love to help others, though they are more reticent about asking for help themselves. For this reason, they may often find themselves over support of a charity or cause.


Taurus and Cancer both believe in standing by other people. They also both believe that this involves more than words, and that you show your support with action. This is why they are usually the first to offer a helping hand when needed.

This mutual belief in loyalty means that the two are very likely to stand by each other through thick and thin if they are close friends. However, Cancer can be surprisingly disloyal when it comes to acquaintances, and might throw them under the bus for a friend.

This is because Cancer can see someone as either in their circle of not, “us” or “them”. Luckily, big-hearted Cancer has plenty of room in their circle for the majority of people that they know.

Fun & Excitement

Both Taurus and Cancer prefer home and hearth to glitz and glamour. Their idea of the perfect evening is having a good group of friends over for dinner or a game night, rather than hitting the town dressed to the nines. But the laughs and joys are generally non-stop.

For this reason, Taurus and Cancer often have a great time together, as they find the same things stimulating. They also give the other person permission to be the homebody that they are, and never make them feel like they are missing out on anything.

Likelihood to Last

When Taurus and Cancer have the kind of bond where they feel like they are family, their commitment to one another is likely to last. Cancer believes that family is for life.

Taurus is also playing the long game and believes in investing in things that are made to last, rather than are just for the moment.

Both are the type of people that are likely to go out of their way to get together, and will never forget to send a card on a birthday or Christmas.

However, if the two do fall apart, it is likely to be dramatic. Both are highly sensitive, and have a tendency to read more into situations than exist. As a result, misunderstandings can quickly grow out of control, and result in big fights.

While neither is vengeful, nothing hurts more than when you feel like you have been betrayed by family.


Taurus and Cancer have so much in common that it is difficult for them not to create a strong bond. They also both have a tendency to treat their close friends like family, which means that they are invited into the intimate, and even sometimes the ugly, parts of one another’s lives.

The two also often tie themselves together with unseen strings as they generously exchange favors, expecting nothing in return. But even favors freely given can establish a sense of debt, which can deepen the connection between two people.

Taurus and Cancer Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Taurus and Cancer won’t always see each other as a perfect match. Highly spiritual Cancer can tend to consider ambitious Taurus as a little superficial. Taurus, who often prioritizes things such as career and prospects, might think that Cancer isn’t serious enough about life.

But when the two form a friendship and let the other into their space, they can quickly find the type of synergies that lead to an unexpected love connection.

Their relationship is generally a very happy one. Taurus appreciates the way that Cancer builds the home and community, and Cancer can appreciate the security that Taurus brings to their shared lives. Their shared priorities manifested in very different ways, complement each other nicely.

Cancer can have a tendency to sabotage their relationships with unfounded suspicions, but loyal and stable Taurus rarely gives them anything to worry about, which keeps the peace.

Their house is likely to be the one in the street where everyone goes for a cup of tea, and the home to which everyone wants to be invited for Christmas.