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Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Libra are both kind and considerate people that genuinely care about other people. While Libra invites many people into their inner circle, Taurus is more selective. But Libra is exactly the type of person that they will choose.

The two have a lot on common in terms of loving the finer things in life, and this can help them form a bond. Libra, who loves to imitate, may soon find themselves taking on more of Taurus than they imagined.

Overview of the Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual Interests★★★★☆
Fun & Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★★

Are Taurus and Libra Compatible as Friends?

Both ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra are both lovers, and they are likely to make good friends.

While Taurus is considerate and shy, Libra’s outgoing and genuine nature has a way of encouraging them to take a risk and show their true selves.

The resulting friendship is based on a strong bond, loyalty, and trust.

Mutual Interests

Taurus and Libra friends want the best things in life and can be a little covetous when it comes to conspicuous signs of success and wealth.

But while Taurus tends to have a classic taste that lasts the test of time, Libra is trendy and often wants whatever is most popular at the moment. In a similar way, Taurus is interested in history while Libra enjoys gossip.

But while the two are different, they don’t tend to find the preoccupations of the others problematic.

Libra is excellent at walking in other people’s shoes and so understands and accepts that Taurus is different. Taurus is also accepting that all people are unique, and realize this Libra’s interest in living, breathing people is endearing rather than superficial.


Both Taurus and Libra think that it is important to be a thoughtful friend. They would never forget a birthday, always think of the perfect present rather than something generic, and would never forget to bring chicken soup, or good whiskey, to a sick friend.

Taurus is incredibly generous and will always be the first one to offer to lend a helping hand. However, they also never like to ask for help themselves, even when they desperately need it.

Luckily, Libra is more perceptive than most, and they are also socially aware enough to be able to offer help in a way that Taurus is able to accept.

The way that these two signs help each other makes them feel indebted to one another, in a positive way, which just makes the thoughtful loyalty that both normally display even stronger.

Fun & Excitement

Libra is a social butterfly. They love being with their nearest and dearest, but they also love the opportunity to meet new people. They love nothing better than having the opportunity to make a new friend. Libra also loves to be the center of attention.

Taurus could not be more different. While there is nothing that they like more than passing quiet time at home with the people they care about most, they struggle when it comes to meeting new people.

Taurus don’t trust easily, and never want to give too much away. This can make them seem standoffish.

This means that they simply don’t feel comfortable in large groups, or enjoy having to meet new people without context to give them a connection. They can chat with work colleagues, but they struggle to find common ground at a party.

This means that Libra can easily fit into Taurus’ regular pot luck dinner or games night, but Taurus can struggle to be part of Libra’s social world.

Likelihood to Last

The considerate and loyal nature of both Taurus and Libra means that their friendship is one that is likely to last.

Moreover, these two hardly ever fight. Both are ruled by Venus, which means that they seek harmony and justice. This means that they both look to avoid conflict, and are keen to reconcile when issues do crop up.

The biggest issue that the two are likely to face is that Libra tends to sit on the fence for most issues, while Taurus was very firm in their beliefs. Taurus can find Libra’s lack of conviction frustrating.

This is something that they can usually get over, as long as it does not extend to something that they feel passionate about, such as politics.


Taurus and Libra are likely to form a very strong bond. While Taurus is usually reticent about opening up to other people, Libra’s genuine kindness, energy, and interest in other people is exactly what Taurus needs to open up.

Combine this with Libra’s consideration and thoughtfulness, which Taurus appreciates more than most, and Taurus is likely to select Libra as one of the few people that they will open up to.

Libra makes friends easily, and tends to develop strong bonds with others quickly. Taurus is no exception. They might even be more willing to share some of their more unkind thoughts with Taurus, as they seem like the type that will neither judge, or break confidences.

Taurus and Libra Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Both ruled by Venus, it is little surprise that these two make a good love connection. It will be a very caring relationship as both manage to keep outdoing one another with thoughtfulness and consideration.

It can be the kind of relationship that others find sickeningly cute. But both signs love being in love, and couldn’t be happier.

These two will pretty much never fight, as they are both conflict-averse, and they are good at understanding the other person’s perspective.

But this does mean that they often struggle to resolve serious issues, preferring to ignore them rather than hash it out. If left too long, it does mean that serious problems can become too heavy and cause the relationship to implode.

The other issue that these two face is that Libra, who likes to sit on the fence and often follow the opinion of others, can find themselves latching on to Taurus’ strong opinions and making them their own.

Hopefully, they are similar enough that this is not an issue, but if they sit uncomfortably with Libra’s deep underlying beliefs, they can become unhappy.

But in general, a Taurus and Libra love connection is one of the happiest in the zodiac.