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Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite one another on the zodiac wheel, which actually places them in the perfect position to become good friends. Their friendship is based on trust, which neither sun sign bestows easily, and which allows the two to form a deep bond.

Highly compatible when it comes to their mutual interests and idea of fun, while outsides will never understand why these two different horoscopes mix as well as they do, it is an astrological recipe for a great friendship.

Overview of the Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual Interests★★★★★
Fun & Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Are Taurus and Scorpio Compatible as Friends?

Taurus and Scorpio make excellent friends, though few others can understand their relationship, which often seems volatile and argumentative. But neither sign trusts easily, and in one another they find someone with whom they can let down their guard.

Scorpio’s sensitive and suspicious nature can make it particularly difficult to keep friends. But steadfast Taurus is unlikely to push any of Scorpio’s buttons, and they are sensitive enough to understand that this behavior comes from a place of fear, rather than malice.

Mutual Interests

Taurus and Scorpio have a lot in common. They are both ambitious and appreciate the finer things in life; the things that represent success.

While some others might call them superficial, they know the importance of how these symbols of status can make you feel. And neither are greedy. They are selective with what they covet, they do not want everything.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are also very opinionated, and love a good argument. They will enjoy debating the finer points of the latest political issue with one another.

They don’t mind if the other person is not on the same page. They don’t hold it against people, and they are able to separate opinions from the person underneath. They find another person who can hold their own in an argument invigorating.


While Taurus are highly loyal people in general. They are sensitive to the needs of other people, generous with their affections, and stick with people through thick and thin; a symptom of their stubbornness.

But Scorpio does not always make it easy. Scorpio are sensitive, and so often feel like they have been hurt in the past. As a result, they can be very suspicious of other people, always on guard for the worst.

As a result, they can be reluctant to bestow their trust and loyalty, they can also have a tendency to snoop. Nothing erodes Taurus’ loyalty faster than feeling like they aren’t trusted.

But Taurus is in a better position than most to gain Scorpio’s trust. They are highly trustworthy and also sensitive to other people’s feelings. Hopefully, they can show Scorpio that they have nothing to fear.

Fun & Excitement

Taurus and Scorpio are both at their happiness deep in conversation, or rather debate. Nothing gets the blood flowing better than a healthy argument between friends.

Neither are spontaneous or adrenalin junkies. Both rational people who like to have all the information in front of them before making a decision, they prefer well-planned excitement rather than a spur of the moment outing that could go either way. They both value their time and never want it to be wasted.

Both signs, but especially Scorpio, love a good mystery to solve. They love an escape room challenge, or a murder mystery night, but only with the closest friends and family.

Taurus can be a bit nervous about meeting new people, and Scorpio’s sharp tongue means that they don’t always make the best impression.

Likelihood to Last

Scorpio has the bad habit of sabotaging relationships. Their sensitive nature means that they are highly suspicious, and it can lead them to engage in activities that can drive others away. They aren’t above going through someone else’s cell phone for evidence.

As a result, Scorpio can have a lot of short-lived friendships, broken by mistrust. But Taurus can have more success that Scorpio than most.

Taurus is sensitive in a similar way to Scorpio, and they are good at understanding other people. As a result, they are more likely to accept and forgive some of Scorpio’s harder behaviour, as they understand where it comes from.

They also have thick skin that can defend them against Scorpio’s tongue, and are witty enough to come back with their own sharp responses. This can form the basis of a solid and lasting friendship.


While Taurus and Scorpio are both guarded and prefer to play their cards close to the chest, they are both actually very sensitive with emotions that run close to the surface.

If they can find someone that they can trust, they both have a lot of emotions to share. Once they have started to share their feelings, it can become a bit of a floodgate, and they let everything that they have been holding in out.

This mutual sharing can lead to a deep and empathetic bond.

Taurus and Scorpio Potential to be More Than Just Friends

The deep bond that can develop between Taurus and Scorpio is ripe to develop into a romantic connection. That kind of outpouring of controlled emotions that these two can experience can often lead to the development of further emotions.

The two will find the relationship intellectually stimulating as they can debate all of their ideas. It may seem to outsiders like they are an argumentative pair, but the two don’t see their interactions as combative. There is nothing wrong with a lively discussion.

Where real arguments are likely to emerge is when the two try and get their lives to fit together. Both are highly controlling and like to have everything just so. If they are not on the same page, they can find it very difficult to make the compromises needed to make things work.

But if they decide that the relationship is important enough, both are highly rational and down to earth, so they will work it out. They will find realistic ways to find a way to make sure they can both have what they need, and neither are afraid to speak up when they need something.