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Taurus and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Taurus and Virgo are strong, deep, and long-lasting. The two Earth signs have so much in common in terms of their value and pace in life, that they just fit together.

The compatibility of these two zodiac signs is undeniable, but both have horoscopes that mean that trust must be earned. So they won’t become fast friends overnight, it is something that develops with time.

Overview of the Taurus and Virgo Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual Interests★★★☆☆
Fun & Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Are Taurus and Virgo Compatible as Friends?

Taurus and Virgo are very compatible as friends, though it can take their friendship a while to blossom. For both Taurus and Virgo, their trust needs to be earned. But this is likely to happen relatively quickly for these two as they share so much in common. Both are ambitious, but believe that anything worth having needs to be earned.

When together, the pair engage in their own brand of fun, which might seem strange to outsiders. But for these two, there are few other people that they would rather spend time with.

Mutual Interests

Taurus and Virgo are both incredibly ambitious, but in an understated way. They want to be successful, and they want to be successful, but both feel uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Also, while Taurus can be traditional and even superficial in what they value in life, in terms of wealth and status, Virgo tends to have more individualistic interests. Taurus wants to be a manager and a leader, while Virgo prefers more creative arenas.

This difference can be seen in most of the elements of their lives. Taurus is likely to prefer weightlifting while Virgo likes martial arts. Taurus will be reading the latest political biographies, while Virgo will be reading obscure history.

But these differences mean that they always have a lot to talk about. Both of them like heading about things outside their normal scope, at least for a little while.


Taurus and Virgo are both incredibly loyal, but in very different ways. Taurus is the type of person that will touch base with their friends regularly and always want to be on hand to give help and assistance as needed.

They are those thoughtful people that remember to bring chicken soup or a bottle of good liquor when someone is ill.

Reserved Virgo lacks this thoughtfulness, largely because they believe that their gesture won’t be enough or will be wrong in some way, so they prefer to do nothing. They are also very good at compartmentalizing, and so they do not find themselves weighed down by the problems of others.

But Virgo is very ethical and always believes in doing what is right, no matter how difficult it is. For this reason, they are often the person that you can rely on when everyone else has turned their back on you. They would consider it beneath them to do the same.

Taurus and Virgo might not always appreciate just how loyal the friend that they have is, but it is there, just under the surface.

Fun & Excitement

Taurus and Virgo both tend to feel a little uncomfortable when confronted with large groups of people or when meeting someone new. They prefer to spend quality time with their nearest and dearest rather than out on the town.

Taurus is selective and slow to trust, and so they are reticent to put themselves out there. Virgo places pressure on themselves to always appear perfect, and therefore pressure themselves to perform in front of crowds and strangers.

But both zodiac signs like to challenge themselves, to do things new and different. However, they prefer to have a chance to prepare rather than having it sprung on them.

Together these two could plan an amazing around the world trip, or complete an incredibly difficult physical challenge. Whatever it is, just expect it to be well planned.

Likelihood to Last

Down to earth Taurus and Virgo are both the type of people that generally think that once a friend is made, they are a friend for life. They accept that people grow apart as their lives change, but doesn’t really think that matters in terms of the core of the relationship.

Both are selective when it comes to whom they attach themselves. This means that they are more invested in the few friendships that they do have.


Taurus and Virgo can struggle to form a deep bond, as both are reticent in giving their trust. Neither are particularly good at encouraging others to come out of their shells, so they aren’t good at convincing the other to go deeper.

These two will probably need to spend a lot of time together, or go through something significant together, in order to form a deep bond.

Even then, Virgo’s insistence of maintaining their defenses in place means that they may never let Taurus get too close. Taurus may also be a bit intimidated by the near-perfect image that Virgo likes to project, which may make their own reticence to put themselves out there even stronger.

Taurus and Virgo Potential to be More Than Just Friends

These two zodiac signs can sometimes make a love connection. While wary Taurus is unlikely to make the first move, Virgo can be surprisingly forward when they see something or someone that they want.

It is very likely that the two will choose to keep their guard up, preventing them from making a connection. But if they do decide to let the other in, they will find someone that they understand and respect.

Both are ambitious and dedicated, and appreciate the value of hard work, and they will respect these characteristics in the other.

Virgo may find Taurus a little superficial at first, and Taurus may think that Virgo should pay more attention to finances. But both realize that these are both surface issues, and underneath, they are aligned.