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Venus in Aquarius Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus in Aquarius Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus is known as the planet of love, and its position in your natal chart can tell you a lot about your approach to love and relationships. It also relates to how you value things in the material world, and how you feel about your appearance.

If you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you take an unconventional approach to love. This can apply both to the partners that you choose for yourself, and how you decide to manage your relationships. Maintaining your independence is always highly important.

You are not materialistic, and may even be rebelliously un-materialistic, actively rejecting the things that others place importance on. You are confident with the way you look, but believe that true attractiveness lies in the head.

Celebrities born under Venus in Aquarius include Sharon Tate, Timothee Chalamet, Jared Leto, and Kate Moss.

Venus Transit & Retrograde Through Aquarius

While the position of Venus in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, Venus’ continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it dictates the kind of “love energy that is in the air”.

When Venus transits through Aquarius, we might find ourselves chafing under traditional relationship responsibilities such as keeping house and attending family obligations. We all tend to feel the need to throw off these burdens and take a freer and more independent approach to love.

Thankfully Venus does not retrograde through Aquarius often, and will not do so again until the 22nd century. Considering its disruptive power over the heart, it is good that Venus only retrogrades every 18 months.

Whenever Venus retrogrades, we all tend to misstep when it comes to love. When this is combined with the energy of Aquarius, we often feel shackled by our connections and the need to throw them off and go out into the wilderness on our own.

Venus in Aquarius Love & Compatibility

When you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you tend to take an unconventional approach to love. This tends to apply both to the people that you choose to let into your life, and the way that you like to formulate your relationships.

You don’t have anything approaching a traditional “wish list” when it comes to potential partners. Looks, career, these aren’t the things that you look for. For you, it is about a person that you find intellectually stimulating and soulfully connecting. Since you find the status quo boring, you are often attracted to unconventional people.

You also tend to form your relationships in unusual ways. Also, you often prioritize independence over intimacy. You might be happy to live in a different home from your partner, even if you share children. For you, jetting off as a digital nomad and leaving a partner at home is no problem.

You want a partner with whom you can discuss the deepest and most philosophical issues, but you can be a bit reticent when it comes to discussing your feelings. These are things that you often prefer to work through on your own. A partner that pushes you to share too much can be a source of frustration.

Venus in Aquarius Man

Men born under Venus in Aquarius often come across as intelligent and aloof. But if they like you, they will reveal their incredible wit and their quirky interests.

A rebel without a cause, they tend to reject everything that is conventional and question everything. Expect to have heated debates in which the play devils advocate, even when they know they are fighting for the losing side.

He needs a lot of independence in love and will quickly pull away from a partner who is always checking up on them or wants to do everything together. He is also slow to put a label on things and prefers to let relationships evolve naturally.

One of the places that he is most comfortable is in the bedroom, as this is often a place where rules don’t apply. He can show his attraction and affection freely and passionately.

Venus in Aquarius Woman

You can expect women born under Venus in Aquarius to be quirky, with an unusual style and significant interest in the unexpected. While they might appear a bit flaky, this illusion disappears when they start to speak, as they are undeniably intelligent.

These women often find best friends evolving into lovers. This is because it is good banter and genuine affection that attract her. Her head is unlikely to be turned by a good-looking person on a night out.

She is adventurous in the bedroom and thinks that sex should be both passionate and fun. She has very little interest in awkwardness or over-the-top romance. Just relax and be yourself.

Venus in Aquarius Compatibility

Venus in Aquarius tend to be attracted to intellectual and independent sorts, such as Venus in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn. You are also drawn to people who break social convention, so Venus in Scorpio is very likely to get your attention.

Venus in Aquarius Material Values

If you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you take great delight in throwing off conventional values. This includes investing in material comforts. You would probably prefer an old banger to the latest sleek motor, and might be happier living on a boat than investing in a slick apartment, even though you can probably afford one.

While Aquarius shuns traditional materiality, you tend to be both successful and a little bit practical when it comes to money. You probably have something squirreled away for a rainy day.

Venus in Aquarius Appearance & Self-Esteem

When you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you are naturally very confident in your looks, and maybe even a little arrogant. Friends might think that you are always trying to “punch above your weight” in the looks department.

But, while you are very happy with the way that you look, you also know that this is not the most important thing. For you, there is nothing more attractive than an intelligent mind.

Venus in Aquarius Personality Traits

When you are born with Venus in Aquarius, you are a rebel. You think that everything should be questioned and never accept things at face value. You tend to keep your thoughts to yourself and keep your own company, and probably crave a “simpler” time without the incessant pressures of technological life.

1. Introverted

When you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you are probably introverted. This is not down to shyness, but rather a comfort within yourself and with your own company. You prefer to speak with the most intelligent person in the room, which you usually assume is you.

For you, talking through your thoughts and feelings is not a must. You prefer to mull things over in your own head. You also don’t feel the need to explain yourself or justify yourself to others, so you don’t.

2. Rebellious

Your family might describe you as a rebel without a cause as you always take the opposing side just because it is different from everyone else. You are at your most verbose when you are playing devil’s advocate and trying to get someone to question their assumption, even if you think that they are probably right.

This is the root of your rebellion. You just don’t think that people should accept everything that they are told. Instead, they should figure things out for themselves and make up their own minds. You always do.

3. Favors Simplicity

You probably enjoy modern technology. You might love playing video games or making digital designs. But you probably don’t like a lot of the burdens that come along with it. You don’t like the way that your cell phone makes people think that you are available 24-hours a day, or the idea that you have to share everything about your life on social media.

You probably have a craving for a simple life. Obviously, you don’t want to go back to churning your own cheese. But you do probably think that life was better when we had fewer screens and more space to think for ourselves.

Were You Born with Venus in Aquarius?

If you were born with Venus in Aquarius, you tend to be unconventional in your approach to love. You dismiss traditional ideas of a perfect partner and look for someone who is outside of the box. You also don’t see why you should have to conform to traditional ideas of relationships. Your preference is to do things your way.

You are very confident in the way that you look, but you also aren’t that worried about it. For you, the mind is always the most attractive element.

You actively shun modern ideas of materialism, and you probably crave a simpler time before we were all constantly connected and broadcasting our lives over the internet.

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