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Venus in Capricorn Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus in Capricorn Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus is known as the planet of love, and its position in your natal chart can tell you a lot about your approach to love and relationships. It also relates to how you value things in the material world, and how you feel about your appearance.

If you are born under Venus in Capricorn, you aren’t the type who is looking for love. You are happy and self-sufficient and don’t necessarily want to make space for anyone else. You will probably love very few people in your life, but you will love them deeply.

In your opinion, anything worth having is worth working for. You don’t have big eyes for material possessions, but you look after what you have because you earned them. You probably don’t consider yourself overly attractive. But this doesn’t bother you, as it is not on the list of things you consider most important about yourself.

Celebrities born under Venus in Capricorn include Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys.

Venus Transit & Retrograde Through Capricorn

While the position of Venus in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, Venus’ continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it dictates the kind of “love energy that is in the air”.

When Venus transits through Capricorn, love is probably the last thing on your mind. You are instead focussed on business and personal goals. But as is often the case, when you are totally distracted by other things, very good love just happens to appear and make itself inconvenient.

Thankfully Venus does not retrograde through Capricorn often, but it will do so in January 2022, and again in January 2030. Considering its disruptive power over the heart, it is good that Venus only retrogrades every 18 months.

Whenever Venus retrogrades, we all tend to misstep when it comes to love. When this is combined with the energy of Capricorn, we often fall into the trap of missing out on a special love because we dismiss it as impractical or impossible.

Venus in Capricorn Love & Compatibility

When you are born under Venus in Capricorn, you aren’t the type of person who worries about finding love. You are very happy and satisfied within yourself and don’t feel like you need someone else to complete you. In fact, you might consider a partner a bit of a burden.

So, you are very picky. Someone needs to knock you off your feet, and also seem like they will be a compatible fit for your lifestyle for you to be interested. This means that you bestow your love pretty rarely and with a lot of consideration. But this means that when you do give it, you are strong and steadfast.

You can be a bit controlling and uncompromising in relationships. You want the other people to meet you on your terms and you are less willing to make any changes or sacrifices yourself. This only really works when you find someone equally independent who is willing to give you the time and space you need to decide that you want to make space for them in your life.

While your actions often shout disinterested, you actually have very strong emotions, though you don’t like to talk about them. But they do fizzle under the surface and give you an undeniable intensity.

Venus in Capricorn Man

Men born under Venus in Capricorn tend to be quiet over-achievers. They put their heads down and work, and aren’t inclined to advertise the great success that they almost always discover. But this gives them an air of mystery that makes them quite irresistible to some.

The saying “it is the quiet ones that you need to worry about” was probably said with a Venus in Capricorn man in mind. They seem calm and mild-mannered, but also have an obvious intensity under the skin that could make you think that they were capable of anything.

He probably isn’t very adventurous in the bedroom, but it is the place that he prefers to be with the person he finds attractive. He is much better at communicating physically, rather than with messy words that can be misinterpreted.

Venus in Capricorn Woman

You can expect women born under Venus in Capricorn to be hyper-organized and good at everything. They are the type of people who seem to be able to keep 50 plates in the air without breaking a sweat. She is often described as intimidating.

She tends to be fiercely independent as she knows that it is women who are often expected to make sacrifices in relationships, and she is not having any of it! They are attracted to a partner that lets her have her space and doesn’t try to crowd her.

Venus in Capricorn women enjoy sex, and it is one of their favorite ways to express their love and passion for a partner. She prefers this kind of visceral display rather than having to have deep and meaningful conversations.

Venus in Capricorn Compatibility

Venus in Capricorn are highly compatible with Venus in Virgo and Scorpio. These independent signs understand Capricorn’s self-sufficiency, and they are intelligent and ambitious, which attracts Capricorn.

Venus in Capricorn Material Values

If you are born under Venus in Capricorn, you aren’t worried about accumulating material things as status symbols. However, you are interested in investing in things that will provide a safety net for you in the future.

The things that you do invest in you value and care for because you know that you worked hard for them. By valuing these things, you are also valuing yourself.

Venus in Capricorn Appearance & Self-Esteem

When you are born under Venus in Capricorn, if someone asked you if you thought that you were attractive, you would probably say “not really”. But this is more because you just don’t think about your looks. It is not one of the key characteristics that you use to define yourself.

You probably take very good care of yourself as you understand that your health is essential to leading the good life that you want.

Venus in Capricorn Personality Traits

When you are born with Venus in Capricorn you are very happy in your own company and a bit of a loner. You have a desire to be constantly growing, improving, and investing in yourself. You have the determination to get things done, no matter how difficult.

1. Determined

When you are born under Venus in Capricorn, you probably have a lot of interests and ambitions that you are happily working towards. These bring you a lot of fulfillment. This is why you don’t feel like you are missing anything and need someone else.

You are very dedicated and determined and have no problems committing to a plan and hard work. This gives you pretty good self-esteem. You realize that there are few things that can’t be achieved through hard work and determination.

2. Loner

You are probably a bit of a loner in that you enjoy your own company. For you, there is no need to be constantly surrounded by others. You trust your own judgment and council, and you don’t really need to talk through your challenges and ideas with other people.

When you do spend a lot of time with other people, such as on a group holiday, you probably need some time alone to recharge your batteries. But one of the things you struggle to prioritize is resting and recuperation, you like to be always doing.

3. Self-Improvers

While you are not unhappy with yourself in any way, you are probably a relentless self-improver. There is always something that you could be doing to expand yourself whether it is learning something new, getting in better shape, or saving more money.

Remaining static can be frustrating for you, and you like to reinvent yourself. This probably won’t manifest as a “makeover” that others can see. But you probably feel like you are constantly moving through new phases of your life.

Were You Born with Venus in Capricorn?

If you were born with Venus in Capricorn, you aren’t preoccupied with love. You are completely happy with yourself, and you aren’t looking for someone else to complete you. You aren’t interested in flings or casual relationships. But if the right person comes along, you will give into it (perhaps reluctantly).

You prefer relationships on your own terms. For you compromise is difficult and you prefer to be in control. You need someone who is willing to give you the space you need to decide that you want to make space in your life for them (rather than feeling like you should).

Venus in Capricorn don’t worry about what other people think of you and you aren’t preoccupied with your looks. You have your own dreams, which usually involve creating a stable future for you and your loved ones, and you are quietly working towards them.

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