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Venus in Virgo Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus in Virgo Meaning: Love, Personality Traits & Significance

Venus is known as the planet of love, and its position in your natal chart can tell you a lot about your approach to love and relationships. It also relates to how you value things in the material world, and how you feel about your appearance.

If you are born under Venus in Virgo, you are very sensitive to the little things and understand their importance when it comes to love. You also tend to be constantly questioning and looking for reassurance that the love that you have in your life is real and true.

When it comes to the material world, you tend to be frugal, especially with yourself, and you don’t like waste on indulgence. You have a very good sense of yourself and how you look, and are very practical in your understanding of your strengths and flaws.

Celebrities born under Venus in Virgo include Mila Kunis, Demi Lovato, John Lennon, and Robert Redford.

Venus Transit & Retrograde Through Virgo

While the position of Venus in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, Venus’ continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it dictates the kind of “love energy that is in the air”.

When Venus transits through Virgo, we all tend to be a bit more sensitive to the little things. We appreciate more the small signs of affection that our partner gives us, but also notice the things that indicate all might not be well. At this time, we tend to want evidence of the affection of our partner.

Thankfully Venus does not retrograde through Virgo often, and will not do so again until the 22nd century. Considering its disruptive power over the heart, it is good that Venus only retrogrades every 18 months.

Whenever Venus retrogrades, we all tend to misstep when it comes to love. When this is combined with the energy of Virgo, we tend to enter into a hypercritical mode and can only see the flaws in our love lives.

Venus in Virgo Love & Compatibility

When you are born under Venus in Virgo, you tend to be constantly craving verification of the affections of your loved ones and to be constantly questioning the depths of their feelings. You prefer to show your own love by doing things of practical value for the people that you care about.

You are very sensitive to the little things. When you are Venus in Virgo you notice when your partner does small things to show their affection, and the way that they speak about you to others. You also understand the importance of giving these gestures yourself.

But you also notice when these things are missing, and their absence can leave you with a lot of questions. Your critical eye is what makes you so picky when it comes to choosing a partner.

You value your independence and individuality highly and guard it jealously, even when you are in a long-term relationship. You tend to prefer to keep an important part of yourself separate and hidden as you don’t like to feel overly exposed to anyone.

Venus in Virgo Man

Men born under Venus in Virgo give off an innate intelligence and understanding that many find irresistible. His conversation is usually deep and sensitive, which is an aphrodisiac to many of the signs (especially the air signs).

He tends to prefer to build a relationship rather than jump between casual flings. These men are looking for both deep and powerful love, as well as genuine compatibility. For him, he would be happy with someone who can be both a best friend and lover.

He can be a bit slow to move, as he wants confirmation that the other person is as into things as he is. But his sensitivity means that he responds well to the subtle signals of what the other person enjoys.

Venus in Virgo Woman

You can expect women born under Venus in Virgo to be a little enigmatic. They prefer to say very little, but when they do open their mouths, it is always to share something fascinating. This gives them a natural charisma and magnetism that leaves others wanting more.

She is usually looking for a long-term partner rather than a fling. She is quite instinctive and usually knows pretty quickly whether someone is a good match. Her preoccupation is then making sure that the person sees her the way that she wants to be seen.

She will generally let the other person take the lead when it comes to moving things forward in the bedroom. This can be mistaken for a lack of interest, but she is just a little reticent. When she starts to feel more comfortable, she will open up.

Venus in Virgo Compatibility

Venus in Virgo often attracts Venus in Gemini, who is attracted to their intelligence and mystery. But Venus in Virgo is probably most compatible with Venus in Aquarius, who matches their intellect and independence, but also has a lot of self-confidence, which Virgo appreciates.

Venus in Virgo Material Values

If you are born under Venus in Virgo, you tend to be very careful with your money. You tend to be the type of person who prefers to save rather than spend, and who agonizes over purchases, even when it is something that you really need. After most purchases, you probably feel a bit guilty.

You value what you have, but you also have a constant need to minimize. You are attracted to the idea of only having what you need, and looking after what you have.

Venus Virgo Appearance & Self-Esteem

When you are born under Venus in Virgo you are very honest, self-aware, and practical about your looks. You have a very good eye for what suits you, and you naturally play to your strengths. This pushes you towards classic styles rather than trends.

Like many people, you have a tendency to judge yourself harshly when you are looking in the mirror, but you also know that you are the only person that sees the flaws that you worry about. But you worry about these for you, rather than due to what others might think.

Venus in Virgo Personality Traits

When you are born with Venus in Virgo you have the benefit of being very intelligent, and you often use this to read and understand people. You are also very moral and believe in always doing the right thing, no matter what. While you like to have fun as much as the next person, you take life seriously and need to be constantly working towards something.

1. Emotionally Intelligent

When you are born under Venus in Virgo, this means that you are highly observational, and good at piecing together small things and understanding what they mean. This can be used for problem solving and puzzles, but also for understanding what is going on in other people’s heads.

However, you probably tend to keep your observations to yourself, as you have seen how disconcerted people can be when you read them so keenly. You tend to be highly aware of not making other people uncomfortable with your intelligence.

2. Serious

You love to laugh, smile, and have fun, but overall, you take life pretty seriously. You don’t tend to be happy unless you are working towards a goal or progressing in some way. Wasting time leaves you frustrated, and stagnating is one of your biggest fears.

You are prepared to take risks in order to evolve, and you are also willing to put in the work over the long term. This dynamism means that you usually do find success in life. But it is also why you don’t always feel comfortable relaxing.

3. Moral

You probably have a very strong moral core, in that you believe in always doing what is right, even when it goes against the grain and it is difficult. You are the type of person who will speak up and say that something is wrong or confront a bully who is hurting someone else.

When Venus is in Virgo you hold yourself to an incredibly high standard, which is partly why you are so trustworthy, loyal, and caring. But you do tend to beat yourself up when you fail to live up to your exacting standards.

Were You Born with Venus in Virgo?

If you were born with Venus in Virgo, you are very sensitive to the words and actions of other people. This makes you caring and empathetic in love, but also vulnerable to the changes in the mood of your partner.

You have a very clear vision of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, and building on this you have a constant need to be bettering yourself and working towards goals.

You like it when everything in life serves a purpose, and can find yourself frustrated when an excess of noise clouds what really matters.

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