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Leo and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Libra enjoy spending time together, but their friendships tend to be more superficial than deep. They are compatible in terms of the things that they like to do together, so these two zodiac signs might find themselves experiencing a period of intense friendship which will energize them both.

But Leo and Libra can be so busy having fun that they forget to connect on a deeper level. Often too much separates these two astrological signs for a genuinely deep friendship to emerge. But both have horoscopes that let them appreciate that not every friend needs to be a soul mate.

Overview of the Leo and Libra Friendship Compatibility:

Mutual interests★★★★☆
Fun & Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to last★★☆☆☆

Are Leo and Libra Compatible as Friends?

Leo and Libra have a lot in common and can form active and enjoyable friendships. These two are likely to enjoy hitting the town or taking classes together. But there are barriers that stop this friendship from evolving from spending time together to a deep and lasting bond.

This is because both are often getting a lot out of the relationship in the beginning, but the intensity of this can die off quickly. As a result, they can start looking for that same intensity elsewhere and let the friendship fizzle out.

Mutual Interests

Leo and Libra are unlikely to have any trouble finding interests in common. Leo loves anything that they can excel at individually, and put the limelight on them. But more importantly, their enthusiasm is infectious.

Libra often looks to others for inspiration and passion. This is not because they lack anything themselves. They are simply inspired by people, and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Leo’s passion and enthusiasm will be impossible for Libra to resist.

Libra will also happily let Leo be the high performer than gains all the praise. The Libra prefers to spend their time in the middle of the pack, bonding with those around them through shared effort. They aren’t too worried about coming out on top.


While Leo and Libra are both genuinely caring people, who would never actively hurt one another or anyone, their friendship can be a bit more self-serving that genuinely loyal.

Libra is fascinated by Leo’s energy and will happily follow them and stroke their ego, until the point that they aren’t. When Libra is no longer getting what they want from the relationship, they will find ways of justifying why it is Leo that has let them down. They will have no problem walking away and not really looking back.

Leo will appreciate Libra’s admiration and support. They also respect the way that Libra connects the people around them, and will happily go along with Libra in order to tap into that network. But when Libra is not giving them what they want, they will find someone who is.

Neither is likely to be aware of this thought process, but both are probably more interested in what they can get out of the friendship, than on what they might be required to give.

Fun & Excitement

Leo and Libra both believe that life is for living, and that living is meant to be fun. They are always up for doing something new and adventurous, and aren’t the type to say no to an invitation.

Leo prefers to be the ringleader, who convinces everyone that this is the night to go to the new hot nightclub. Libra is more than happy to follow. They are happy to play along when someone has a great idea.

Both love to be the center of attention. But while Leo is looking to stand out in the limelight, Libra likes to be at the center of the crowd. This means that they usually run shoulders happily.

It is not uncommon for things to get out of hand, as neither have firm limits. Leo often needs someone to tell them when they are going to far, and Libra is more likely to urge them on than suggest they hold back.

Likelihood to Last

Leo and Libra are the kinds of friends who might find themselves spending a lot of time together after they first connect. They might seem inseparable for a few months as they enjoy doing everything together.

But the intensity of their relationships can burn out quickly. They can both get everything they want out of the relationship quickly, before they have had a chance to form a real and genuine bond. As such, when they are no longer getting what they need, they can very quickly grow about.

They will have no problem continuing to be together in a shared circle of friends, but aren’t likely to be close.


Friendships between Leo and Libra can often be too short-lived to really form a deep bond. They tend to become friends of actions who enjoy doing things together. They will pass an intense period in this way, but then will find other people that they prefer to spend time with. As a result, they often break apart before they have really had a chance to bond.

If circumstances conspire for the two to spend more time together, the result can be something special. Leo loves to talk about themselves and Libra is an excellent listener, so it might not be long until Leo has shared a lot of themselves.

Libra also tends to be very open, and so will reciprocate Leo’s confidences, though Leo probably isn’t paying as much attention. Libra doesn’t complain, as that’s not the way, but it does mean that the bond can be a little one-sided.

Leo and Libra Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Leo and Libra can often find themselves falling for one another. Leo lives the way that Libra admires them and strokes their ego. Libra finds Leo compelling, and is often looking for compelling people to fill their lives.

The honeymoon phase of the relationship is likely to be very exciting, as both love to have a good time. This is something that they will enjoy doing together. Leo is also very generous and caring in relationships, and gives Libra the attention that they crave.

But the road is not always smooth. Libra is often the type to bend over backward to make their partner happy. But Leo needs someone to challenge them. This means that they can often start to feel like there is something lacking.

Also, Leo can be selfish and is not always aware enough to see how their actions are impacting others. They need their partner to speak up. Conflict averse Libra is unlikely to do this, and so may find themselves being trampled on.

But if these two want to make it work, they can. It just means that Leo needs to work on paying a bit more attention, and Libra needs to practice asking for what they want.

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