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Libra and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Friendships between Libra and Aquarius tend to be challenging. Despite both being air signs, their position on the zodiac wheel means that they are at opposite extremes of the spectrum, and therefore do not always meet comfortably.

In terms of their astrological compatibility, these two might find a case of opposites attract, but are more likely to find one another frustrating. They certainly won’t dislike one another, but their opposing horoscopes means that they struggle to be close.

Here are the Libra and Aquarius friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★☆☆☆☆
Fun and Excitement★★☆☆☆
Likelihood to Last★★☆☆☆

Libra and Aquarius Compatible as Friends?

Libra and Aquarius just tend to be too different to become the best of friends. They may find themselves bonding over shared causes or shared experiences, but they aren’t like to want to spend all their time together as they find one another’s approaches to life a little bit frustrating.

Libra and Aquarius will rarely fight or have a falling out, but they are generally happier as acquaintances that they can enjoy in the right circumstances, rather than someone that they need to make a special place for within their lives.

Mutual Interests

Aquarius and Libra don’t tend to have many interests in common. Libra is primarily interested in people and what makes them tick. Aquarius is more of a loner and generally thinks that have most other people figured out.

Aquarius likes to “geek out” on whatever their interest is and go very deep and learn everything there is to know. While this level of interest in something will intrigue Libra, they are unlikely to have the patience to delve into the details with Aquarius.

Even Libra, who generally picks up their interests by seeing what other people are interested in, might find Aquarius’ interests too intense for them to get on board.

The one area where these two might find common ground is for a cause. Both have the ability to get very passionate about injustices in the world. If they turn their attention in the same direction, it can act as a sincere point of bonding.


Libra is a generous and loyal friend who is always the first there to lend a helping hand. They also can’t stand to see injustice and will always speak up for someone when they feel like they need it.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is very self-contained. They don’t tend to really want the help of others, as they believe that they can handle everything on their own. They also don’t necessarily feel like they have an obligation to help others. Aquarius has a tendency to view the world as every man for himself.

But Aquarius, like Libra, has a strong moral core, and when they find a cause that they believe in, they will throw themselves behind it. This is an area where Libra and Aquarius may find themselves bonding.

But in terms of one another, they are unlikely to feel a deep obligation of loyalty. It just is not in Aquarius’ nature, and Libra is intuitive enough to pick up on that. Libra won’t necessarily feel obligated to someone who does not return the sentiment.

Fun & Excitement

Libra and Aquarius are on very different pages when it comes to fun and excitement. Libra loves nothing more than meeting new people, getting to know them, and also showing off a bit for their new acquaintances. You will always find them looking for opportunities to do just that.

For Aquarius, nothing could sound less entertaining. They generally think that they have most people figured out and don’t have that much to learn from them, and they hate performing for others. Aquarius is so sure of themselves that they don’t need anyone else to validate them.

If the two do find themselves out and about together, they will probably feel themselves pulling in different directions. While Libra wants to do a bit of everything and try lots of things that are new, Aquarius will want to focus deeply on whatever catches their attention, to exclusion of all else.

Likelihood to Last

When Libra and Aquarius do become friends, it does not always last for long. The two rarely fight, as Libra will do almost anything to avoid conflict, and Aquarius is too laid lack to lose their temper, but they can just find themselves drifting apart.

While Libra is the kind of friend who always calls and never forgets a birthday, Aquarius isn’t, and there are only so many unreturned calls Libra will be able to accept before they give up. Libra has plenty of other friends who are eager to spend time together.

But these two can fall into a happy and loose acquaintance. They might not see each other that often, but they perhaps appreciate the time that they spend together more.


If Libra and Aquarius find a shared cause to get behind, they can find themselves forming a deep bond quickly as they recognize someone who is just as passionate as them. But if the stars don’t align in this way, Libra and Aquarius are unlikely to choose each other as their favorite confidant.

This is just because the two are so different, and therefore don’t really think that the other person will understand them. Aquarius doesn’t respect the way that Libra does not seem – in Aquarius’ eyes – to be happy in themselves and always need the approval of others. Aquarius can also tend to have an overly healthy ego and look down on other people.

Libra is sensitive enough to know that Aquarius is looking down on them, and they don’t like it. They can also find Aquarius’ strong opinions and little staid and stifling.

As a result, these two may bond, but both are likely to have other people that they consider closer friends.

Libra and Aquarius Potential to be More Than Just Friends

It is well known that opposites attract, and this can also hold true for Libra and Aquarius. While their differences often repel as friends, they can find one another intriguing as lovers as they both have something that the other lacks.

Libra can be attracted to Aquarius’ self-confidence and the way they seem like they don’t need anyone. Aquarius on the other hand can appreciate Libra’s free spirit and the easy way they get along with everyone.

But their differences can make an actual relationship challenging. Neither feel at home in one another’s world. Aquarius just refuses to perform in Libra’s, and Libra can find themselves frustrated by Aquarius’ self-contained existence.

But if these differences do not drive them apart, it can help both to grow and become better, more well-rounded, more interesting people.

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