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Libra and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio friendships are often short-lived, but they are always special to both zodiac signs. Sat next to one another on the astrological wheel, Libra and Scorpio are different in a way that complements. The two horoscopes fit together comfortably despite their differences.

But while they are highly compatible and have everything it takes to form a deep bond, their friendships can often end abruptly, as some of Libra’s behavior can be triggering for Scorpio. And once Scorpio decides that they can’s trust someone, there is little that can change their mind.

Here are the Libra and Scorpio friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★★☆
Fun and Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★☆☆☆

Libra and Scorpio Compatible as Friends?

Libra and Scorpio are very different, but that just means that they can be intriguing and complementary friends. Both bring something to the table that the other lacks, which makes them feel stronger together than on their own.

Libra’s occasional carelessness, and Scorpio’s sensitive and unforgiving nature, can sometimes cut these promising friendships short. But if they form a genuine bond, they will find a way back to one another in the end.

Mutual Interests

Libra and Scorpio are very different in many ways. Scorpio tends to be assertive, ambitious, and competitive, while Libra is more of a follower, generous, and is looking for happiness rather than success. But these traits often sit comfortably side by side when they are looking in the same direction.

Libra and Scorpio will often have common interests, as Libra tends to emulate, and so latches onto the interests of others and makes them their own. So, Libra may well make Scorpio’s interests their own.

This can sometimes be short-lived as Libra finds new people to admire and emulate, but not with Scorpio, as they are always reinventing themselves, and therefore a constant source of fascination.


Libra and Scorpio are both loyal people at heart. Libra genuinely cares about their friends and wants what is best for them. They put the best interests of their friends first Scorpio, on the other hand, is scrupulously honest, and so they are always as good as their world.

But, Libra can have a tendency to let their tongue wag. If they are in a situation where sharing a secret might get them some attention, they will probably do it without thinking about the consequences for their friend. This is never done from a place of malice, and many people will be willing to forgive this as one of Libra’s few negative traits.

But Scorpio is incredibly unforgiving, and might take this kind of thing to heart. Plus, if they feel like they have been betrayed, they might retaliate.

Fun & Excitement

Libra and Scorpio manage to have quite a bit of fun together, as long as Libra is willing to go along with Scorpio’s plans, which they usually are.

Scorpio always has a plan in mind and honestly believes that they have better instincts than other people, so their ideas are the best.

Easy going Libra is happy to tag along, and the overtly positive energy that Libra brings with them means that things always go better than expected for the pair.

Scorpio is less of a social butterfly than Libra because they do not trust so easily, but they are genuinely invigorated by spending time with other people.

As a result, they enjoy how much easier it is to meet new people when they have extroverted Libra at their side.

Likelihood to Last

While it can be difficult to stay mad at generous and caring Libra, even when they have done something wrong, if anyone can stay mad, it is Scorpio.

While Scorpio might seem as hard as nails on the outside, they are incredibly sensitive. This means that they tend to take even the smallest slight to heart. And once they decide that they can’t trust someone, it is almost impossible to change their minds.

Libra is sensitive enough not to step on Scorpio’s toes most of the time. But, Libra has an innate need to be the center of attention, and sometimes they will unconsciously do things that they know they shouldn’t in order to secure that attention. That might mean sharing a friend’s secret, or making a joke at their expense.

Scorpio is less able to shake off this kind of thing that other people, so it can mean that sometimes their friendships with Libra end on the rocks.


While Libra tends to be able to bond with anyone, Scorpio is much more secretive. They like to know everything about someone else, but share little of themselves. Libra is also innately curious, and Scorpio can tend to get more secretive if they feel like Libra is snooping.

But Libra is so genuine in their curiosity that they tend to wear Scorpio down over time, and Scorpio might find themselves sharing more than they ever imagined that they would. As they share, their desire to learn more about Libra only grows, and the two can form a very deep bond.

Libra and Scorpio Potential to be More Than Just Friends

There is no lack of attraction between Libra and Scorpio. Libra is impressed by Scorpio’s assertiveness, while Scorpio likes the way Libra is comfortable in any situation. It is no surprise when these two decide that they might want to be more than just friends.

But relationships between the two can be very challenging. This is mostly down to the fact that Scorpio has a naturally suspicious nature and tends to read more into situations than is there.

Libra, on the other hand, is a flirt. While they would never actually betray someone that they care about, they love the attention and can’t resist. And Scorpio can find this difficult to live with.

If they do manage to work things out, the relationship can be very healthy for both of them. Scorpio can provide Libra with the direction that they often lack, while Libra can help Scorpio be a bit more chilled out and teach them how to enjoy themselves without worrying quite so much.

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