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Mars in Aries Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

Mars in Aries Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

Mars is known as the planet of war and its position in your natal chart is indicative of your more volatile characteristics. It reflects your ambitiousness and approach to pursuing goals, how you assert and defend yourself, and also your primal sexuality.

If you are born under Mars in Aries, you are incredibly ambitious and determined to win in life. But you are not focused or selective in your ambitions; you feel like you need to win at everything. Your approach is generally to throw all of your energy at something, rather than coming up with a progressive plan.

You take a similar approach when it comes to asserting yourself. When it comes to fight or flight you always choose to fight and try and overcome things with brute force. Sexually you are very passionate and can lack self-control.

Celebrities born under Mars in Aries include Angelina Jolie, Cristiano Ronaldo, Russel Crowe, and Nina Dobrev.

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Mars Transit & Retrograde Through Aries

While the position of Mars in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, the planet’s continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it influences our fiery energies. It takes six to seven weeks to transit through each sign.

When Mars transits through Aries, we often find ourselves feeling uncharacteristically competitive. Envy or opportunity might put some highly ambitious winds in our sails that make us want to win at all costs. We feel very energetic at this time as well, and have no problem giving our all to get what we want.

Thankfully, Mars does not retrograde through Aries often, as the planet only retrogrades every two years. It last retrograded through Aries in late 2020 and will not do so again for the next ten years.

Whenever Mars retrogrades, we tend to feel like our energy is highly diminished. When this is combined with the energy of Aries, we often find ourselves uncertain exactly what we want and feeling listless and directionless.

Mars in Aries Ambition

When you are born under Mars in Aries you are highly competitive and have an innate need to be the best at everything. Your approach to winning is to throw as much energy at something as you can and try and overcome by pure force.

While you probably have a few big, personal ambitions in your life, you want to win at everything. You are working towards that big career and training for triathlons, but you also need to beat your friends at mini-golf and Pictionary, and need to win the attention of the most attractive person in the room, even when you aren’t really interested in them.

For you, there isn’t really any point in doing something unless you plan to win at it, and you find it difficult to accept that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, you want to be strong at everything.

While you certainly don’t always win, you tend to do well because you have a lot of energy and focus, so you can throw more at challenges than a lot of other people. Your biggest challenge is that you can spread yourself too thin as you never like to give up.

Mars in Aries Assertiveness

People born under Mars in Aries are very assertive. You prioritize what you want, without ever trying to balance it with the needs and desires of others. You tell people how things are going to be and expect them to fall in line behind you.

Your strength of personality makes you a natural leader and often people do fall in behind you. But when you don’t get your own way, your default response is anger, and it is not uncharacteristic for you to throw a little bit of a temper tantrum.

When someone crosses you, you don’t have the ability to just cut them out of your life. You need to prove that you were right, and they were wrong, and get them to admit it.

Mars in Aries Sexuality

Mars in Aries in your natal chart means that you have a lot of intense sexual energy. When you are feeling it, it is palpable and the people around you are aware. This is why it is rarely a secret when you are interested in someone.

You tend to pursue people directly, telling them exactly how you feel and what they want and being very present until you get the response that you are looking for, and responding a little angrily when you are rejected.

You take the same approach in the bedroom, and are interested in getting down to pleasure without the trappings of seduction and foreplay. While you are very concerned with your own pleasure, you also need to be seen as a good lover, so you put the effort in to please.

Mars in Aries Compatibility

When you are born under Mars in Aries, you need someone whose intensity and vibrancy for life matches your own. This means that you are often most compatible with the other fire signs, Mars in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius.

While Mars in Libra or Gemini are a little more grounded, they can balance you out nicely, and they are often happy to let you take the controlling role that you crave.

Mars in Aries Man

Men born under Mars in Aries are often your typical alpha males. They are high achievers who like to be in charge and are highly competitive in every aspect of their lives. He has a lot of energy and tends to avoid downtime.

They pursue their partners with gusto, and once they have “won” them they do like to show them off. He won’t stop flirting when he is in a relationship. This isn’t because he is the unfaithful sort, but rather because he needs the validation of his desirability.

Expect him to be a very controlling partner and to resort to anger and fighting when he doesn’t get his own way. However, it is healthy for him to be challenged, and done in the right way, it can be a major turn-on.

Mars in Aries Woman

You can expect women born under Mars in Aries to be one of those people who are determined to “make it in a man’s world”. They will often choose paths that are traditionally considered male-oriented. This is just to prove that there is nothing that she can’t do.

These women aren’t afraid to make the first move. They believe that the best way to get what you want is to ask for it. While she enjoys the validation of male attention, when she isn’t interested, she might remain aloof in order to seem “unattainable”.

While she appreciates a strong partner who knows their own mind, when it comes to big decisions, such as where to holiday or what home to buy, she feels like she needs to be calling the shots. She will bristle if she feels like anyone is trying to control her.

Mars in Aries Personality Traits

When you are born with Mars in Aries you are naturally high energy. This is why you are able to do so much. You are very impulsive and tend to live for the moment rather than the long-term. Your natural confidence means that you manage to bounce back from most situations as you know that you are capable of more.

1. Energetic

When you are born under Mars in Aries, you tend to have naturally high energy levels. This allows you to pursue your varied interest in life and always turn up and give it your all. You often choose to burn the candle at both ends to get things done, and to deal with your restless energy.

You never feel tired, or at least this is what you tell yourself. Your challenge is that when you feel tired this often manifests as restlessness. So, you don’t recognize the need to stop and recuperate. For this reason, you can be the type of person who suffers from burnout if you aren’t careful.

2. Impulsive

You usually find yourself driven by what you want now, rather than making long-term plans. Impulsive is a good word to describe you. While this is beautiful in some ways, as you have a magnificent ability to be present and live in the moment, it can also be self-sabotaging.

When you are always making decisions based on current needs, you aren’t considering what your future self might want. You might also have a tendency to over-estimate your future self and assume that they can do the miraculous.

While you want that incredible and illustrious pad in the future, you also want that new leather jacket today. You assume that your future self will be so successful that the indulgence now won’t matter. But it can all add up. You need to find a way to bring your future desires more into the present.

3. Confident

You don’t lack confidence and tend to believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to. If you don’t succeed at something, it is always a matter of not succeeding yet. You know that with a bit more time, effort, and determination, you can get there.

This gives you fantastic optimism, and also balances your competitive streak. While you don’t like to lose, you don’t tend to be a sore loser, as your mind is already on what you will do differently to come out on top next time. Though if you think the judgment was unfair, you’ll probably get angry.

Were You Born with Mars in Aries?

If you were born with Mars in Aries, you are confident, ambitious, and competitive. You are determined to win at everything in life, big and small. But you aren’t a sore loser, you know that with more work you can win next time, and you have the energy to do what is required.

You do tend to deal with others by just trying to overcome them with your force of will, which often works out for you. But when it doesn’t, you can be prone to outbursts of anger.

You are just as volatile sexually, and you do have uncontrollable sexual energy. But you do your best to control it as you are also determined to be the best lover, as you do need to be the best at everything.

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