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Mars in Pisces Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

Mars in Pisces Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance

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Mars is known as the planet of war and its position in your natal chart is indicative of your more volatile characteristics. It reflects your ambitiousness and approach to pursuing goals, how you assert and defend yourself, and also your primal sexuality.

If you are born under Mars in Pisces, you tend to be motivated by bringing people together and making people happy. Seeing other people succeed and find what they are looking for brings you intense joy.

You don’t like conflict, you tend to use guilt rather than confrontation to get your own way. You need to be careful not to start believing in your own martyrdom.

When it comes to passion, you like the idea of being saved. You can have a tendency to play the victim looking for a knight in shining armor. You prefer sex in the shower to the bedroom.

Celebrities born under Mars in Pisces include Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington, Marilyn Monroe, and Billie Eilish.

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Mars Transit & Retrograde Through Pisces

While the position of Mars in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, the planet’s continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it influences our fiery energies. It takes six to seven weeks to transit through each sign.

When Mars transits through Pisces, you might find yourself taking on the role of the peacekeeper of the deal broker. You will probably find yourself well-equipped for the role, but later you might wonder what you actually gained from the experience.

Thankfully, Mars does not retrograde through Pisces often, as the planet only retrogrades every two years. It will next retrograde through Pisces in 2035.

Whenever Mars retrogrades, we tend to feel like our energy is highly diminished. When this is combined with the energy of Pisces, you might feel like you are the one making all the sacrifices and getting none of the gains.

Mars in Pisces Ambition

When you are born under Mars in Pisces, you are motivated by seeing other people happy and successful. You flourish in teaching, negotiating, supporting, and counseling roles where you can help other people achieve their full potential.

One of your best skills is seeing exactly what people are capable of even if they can’t see it themselves, and helping them to believe in it. You are also very good at helping to identify common ground for people, even when it is very small in the grand scheme of things.

Sometimes you are so busy giving that you forget to prioritize what you need for yourself. This can result in periodic episodes when you need to take time out and try and find yourself again.

Fortunately, because you have left your mark on so many people’s lives, you tend to have an army of people behind you willing to help you out. Though you may not realize this until you need their support.

Mars in Pisces Assertiveness

People born under Mars in Pisces don’t like conflict and will rarely engage in outright confrontation. You rather play the role of the martyr and use guilt to get other people to do what you want them to do. But if you do this too often, you might start to see yourself as a victim.

Your high level of empathy means that it is easy for you to see and understand things from the perspective of others. This results in a tendency to mirror the people around you in terms of opinions and emotions. This can make you seem flaky and uncertain, as you can change significantly depending on who you are with.

Mars in Pisces Sexuality

Mars in Pisces is very empathetic, which makes it easy to make a sexual connection. You can feel what the other person likes and is turned on by, and easily inhabit that space. This means that you can be the perfect lover for a variety of different people, no matter how contrary they are in their inclinations.

Your fantasies mostly exist around being saved. This can result in you playing the victim and perhaps stick with partners that might victimize you in some way, as they feed the fantasy that someone else will come along and rescue you.

Water is very sensual for you, so sex in the shower or in the pool is highly erotic. Even a good waterbed can add some extra zing to your sex life.

Mars in Pisces Compatibility

When you are born under Mars in Pisces, sexually you are attracted to someone who will dominate you, but you also need a sensitive soul. This means that you are most compatible with Mars in Leo or Mars in Taurus.

Mars in Leo is a very dominant character, and they also have a savior complex. They like to protect the people that they care about. However, while they can seem a little egotistical, they are very warm, loving, and sensitive, and will be careful with your emotions.

Mars in Taurus also likes to play the role of the savior and to be in command in every aspect of a relationship. But these down-to-earth folk are also highly empathetic and protective.

Mars in Pisces Man

Men born under Mars in Pisces probably seem a bit like your favorite teacher in high school. They are full of time, energy, and empathy for other people, and you never want to let them down. You also sense that there is a lot more going on under the surface than you can see.

While he probably comes across as humble, he is very confident when it comes to approaching people that he is interested in. This is because he is very good at reading people, so he already knows if he is in with a chance.

In the relationship, he will happily let his partner take the lead and bend over backward to create the perfect life for the pair. He will rarely ask for the things that he wants, but his partner will inevitably feel guilty if they realize that they are not providing something.

Mars in Pisces Woman

You can expect women born under Mars in Pisces are natural caregivers without falling into “mother” roles. They are more the best friend that you can trust with anything, rather than a controlling figure.

While she is genuine in all her interactions, she is also an intuitive flirt, so she has no trouble attracting whoever she is interested in. She does want to be swept off her feet and treated like a fairytale princess.

In a relationship she can be very submissive, taking on her partner’s life and putting their goals and desire first. While she is happy to do this, she needs someone who doesn’t take advantage of that and takes the time to consider what she needs as well.

Mars in Pisces Personality Traits

When you are born with Mars in Pisces you are a natural empath and very good at understanding other people. But as an extension of this, you also need to be around other people and share most aspects of your life. The place where you are most independent is with your creativity, which is inspired by a deep well of emotional intelligence.

1. Empathetic

When you are born under Mars in Pisces, you are a naturally empathetic person. It is easy for you not only to see things from other people’s perspectives, but truly understand their perspectives. For you it is not just academic, you almost feel what they feel.

This makes you excellent at reading people. As a result, you give the best advice when it comes to dealing with emotional issues and relationships. This is because you help people understand what they are feeling rather than trying to tell them what they should do.

This can make you a bit of a bleeding heart and you want to help everyone that you meet. You also have a tendency to mirror whoever you are with, so you are highly changeable as you move between different social groups.

2. Creative

Emotional intelligence is generally accompanied by creativity, and this is certainly true of you. You have a deep well of experience, real and imagined, that might fuel a variety of creative pursuits.

While your outlet is probably unique to you, whatever you create is about more than just aesthetics. Your work is always meant to communicate a deeper message or encapsulate an emotion.

You tend to underestimate the quality of your work and can be a bit shy about sharing it with other people. But you create for yourself, so recognition of the quality of your work is not something that you are pursuing.

3. Needy

As well as being very good at reading other people, you tend to need to be around other people. You feed off social energy, and can feel lethargic when you are forced to spend too long with your own thoughts.

It is also your tendency to want to talk things through at length, rather than keep things to yourself. This can frustrate the friends that don’t like to revisit the same subject repeatedly.

You also prefer to have company in whatever you are doing, whether it be going to a yoga class of heading on holiday. You are better able to hold yourself accountable when there is someone there to witness.

Were You Born with Mars in Pisces?

If you were born with Mars in Pisces, you are a natural advocate and feel most fulfilled when you are helping others to reach their full potential. You rarely put your needs first, and supporting the people around you is always your top priority.

Highly empathetic, you are good at reading people and thrive when you are in the company of others and can bounce ideas off them.

You hate arguing and tend to get your own way by playing the victim and guilting others into doing what you want.

You like the idea of being saved and often play out this romantic fantasy. Like many of the water signs, you find being in the water sexually stimulating. You probably prefer morning sex in the shower over long evenings in the bedroom.