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Mercury in Libra Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

Mercury in Libra Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

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The position of the planet Mercury in your Natal Chart indicates how you tend to think and problem solve.

It also reflects your default approach to communications.

If you are born under Mercury in Libra, you are highly intelligent as the planet of logic is within this intellectual air sign.

You are particularly good at understanding other people’s perspectives, and you have a way of speaking that can resolve conflicts and promote harmony.

Celebrities born under Mercury in Libra include Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Marion Cotillard, and Will Smith.

When Mercury Transits through Libra

As the Earth’s movement makes it appear to us that Mercury is transiting through Libra, we can often find ourselves capable of resolving serious conflicts.

When Mercury transits through Libra, we might suddenly find ourselves softening as we are able to see things from the other person’s perspective.

A new level of diplomacy also enters our language, which can help diffuse tensions.

If you are born under Mercury in Libra, you might find yourself being too nice.

If you are sugar coating important messages, they don’t always get through.

You might have to revisit the subject when you are feeling more direct and forceful.

When Mercury Retrogrades through Libra

When Mercury retrogrades through any sign it generally hails a time when communication breakdowns cause problems.

If it is retrograding through Libra, you often find that unresolved conflicts raise their heads again.

When Mercury retrogrades through Libra, you often find things that you avoided and didn’t deal with resurfacing.

You are no more prepared to deal with them now, probably because you and your adversary are coming at things from two fundamentally different points of view.

If you are born under Mercury in Libra, you will find that while you are usually an excellent communicator, now you often feel like you are speaking a different language to the people around you.

The calmer you are, the more irate others might become.

Mercury in Libra Personality Traits

When Mercury is in Libra, you are incredibly empathetic and good at understanding people, which makes you a great diplomat.

While you are probably naturally creative, you also tend to avoid tough decisions.

1. Empathetic

When you are a Mercury in Libra, you are very good at seeing things from other people’s perspectives.

You don’t always insist that your opinion is the right one.

Rather, you understand better than most that things appear very differently depending on where you are standing.

This flexibility in your thinking means that it is easy for you to get on with pretty much anyone because you can effortlessly fall in with their way of thinking.

2. Avoidant

But your ability to see lots of different options and truths can cripple your ability to make decisions, even small ones.

You can see both the benefits and the challenges of every option, which can often make deciding impossible for you.

In this sign, you may have a tendency to “hitch your wagon” to someone else and rely on them to make the tough decisions that you can’t face.

You know what a great responsibility that is, so you never complain in hindsight.

If only we all hand 20-20 vision before the fact.

3. Diplomatic

The way that you speak has a naturally empathetic, open, and genuine tone, which makes people want to trust you.

You are also very good at speaking about things in terms that the individual in front of you understands, and focusing on the things that matter to them.

So, people always listen to you.

You excel in roles where conflict resolution is important, whether that be diplomacy or marriage counseling.

That said, you feel very uncomfortable if someone else actively attacks you personally.

4. Creative

People with their Mercury in Libra are naturally creative, which is a natural extension of your ability to see multiple possibilities and more than is obviously there.

You feel your best when you have a creative outlet, whether that be art, music, dance, or anything else.

When you don’t have time for these things, you will often feel like your energy is drained.

Mercury in Libra Man

Men born under Mercury in Libra make excellent diplomats.

He tends to stumble along the path in front of him, finding success thanks to his genuine nature and intelligence.

People like them innately, but they will often not tell you what they actually think.

But he is rarely a man with a plan.

Men with this in their natal chart are attracted to partners who respect and support others, they want an empathetic character that matches their own.

They also tend to be very committed partners. Once they are with someone, it takes an earthquake to break their loyalty.

Mercury in Libra Woman

Women born under Mercury in Libra often seem like social butterflies.

Their genuine and caring nature means that they have many friends, and they are much loved.

She tends to be highly indecisive, and needs to discuss and flip-flop over even smallish decisions before they are made.

Mercury in Libra women tends to want a strong partner who can be the decision-maker in their life.

They are incredibly loyal and forgiving and can be more accepting of certain behaviors than others.

But while she won’t fight, she knows how to protect what is important to her.

Mercury in Libra Compatibility

If you are born under Mercury in Libra, you will be very compatible with Mercury in Aquarius, who is as articulate and easy-going as you.

You will also be attracted to Mercury in Pisces, who just seems to “get you” on a deeper level.

Because you are laid back, accepting, and loving, you get on best with others who are similarly tranquil but more assertive.

This is Mercury in Aquarius to a tee, and you will appreciate both how they help you face tough life choices.

You will also be very compatible with Mercury in Pisces, who is very similar to you in many ways, and just seems to understand what makes you tick.

The two of you might struggle to choose where to go for dinner on any night, but you will enjoy doing that together.

Were You Born with Mercury in Libra?

If you were born with Mercury in Libra, you are highly intelligent in an analytical way, but you also have a lot of social intelligence, and it is easy for you to understand the perspective of others.

However, your ability to embrace multiple viewpoints can make it difficult for you to make decisions.

You are naturally diplomatic and communicate in a way that speaks to the concerns of the person in front of you.

You also have a natural creative streak that needs to be nourished for you to thrive.