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Mercury in Taurus Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

Mercury in Taurus Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance

The position of the planet Mercury in your Natal Chart indicates how you tend to think and problem solve. It also reveals your default approach to communications.

If you are born under Mercury in Taurus, you are highly practical and always tend to look for the most direct path to any solution. When you speak, your arguments are always analytical and well structured.

Celebrities born under Mercury in Taurus include George Lucas, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, and Morgan Freeman.

When Mercury Transits through Taurus

As the Earth’s movement makes it appear to us that Mercury is transiting through Taurus, this is often a time when order reigns, and more often than not what people say matches up with reality.

When Mercury moves through Taurus, it is a good time for everyone to resolve issues and put practical plans in place as most of us are better able to think in a structured way at this time.

If you are born under Mercury in Taurus as well, during this time, you will probably find that you have a deep need to stick to a plan and that you do not respond well to surprises or last-minute changes while Mercury is transiting.

When Mercury Retrogrades through Taurus

When Mercury retrogrades through any sign it generally hails a time when communication breakdowns cause problems. If it is retrograding through Taurus, it often means that the best-laid plans are leading you astray.

When Mercury retrogrades through Taurus, we often find that there was a gaping hole in our plan all along, and discover something that sends us back to square one. But it is best to wait until the retrograde passes to go back to the drawing board.

If you are born under Mercury in Taurus, this can be a very challenging time for you as you may feel like you need to throw out all of your plans and start again. Since you tend to feel most comfortable when you can see the path ahead, you will probably feel a bit insecure at this time.

Mercury in Taurus Personality Traits

When Mercury is in Taurus in your natal chart, you are practical. You don’t complain, you look at the problem and figure out solutions. Your analytical and structured speech can be equally calming or frustrating, but your naturally inviting voice takes the edge off.

1. Practical Eye on the Future

With your Mercury in Taurus, you are very down-to-earth and practical in the way that you think. You will dissect problems to figure out the underlying cause, but you aren’t in the habit of assigning blame for things that were out of control or unseen.

Your brain automatically pushes the negative to one side and starts to think about what you can do to fix a problem or change a situation. One of the biggest emotional challenges for you is a problem that you can’t solve.

2. Needs all the pieces of the puzzle

You are the type of person who likes to be able to see the bigger picture and how all the different pieces fit together. It is not satisfying for you to know that two things are connected, you need to be able to understand how and why.

You are good at seeing connections, and you can also be a little bit obsessive about them, which makes you well suited to roles such as a researcher, scientist, or investigative journalist. For you, getting to the bottom of a mystery is very satisfying.

3. Calm and Deliberate

When you speak, it is very clear that all of your words were carefully chosen. You also tend to keep your emotions in check and rarely find yourself out of control. For this reason, you rarely argue or have emotional outbursts.

Some people find this reassuring: you have considered your words and you mean what you say. Other people find it difficult to trust you, as your careful thought and lack of emotion can make it seem like you are hiding something. Those who want an emotional response from you are always dissatisfied.

4. Naturally Soothing Voice

You probably have a naturally appealing voice that others innately trust. This is a skill that can make you well suited to roles such as a public speaker, singer, or performer.

This is also one of the reasons that others consider you to be emotionally stable and grounded, as your voice sounds that way, even when you are struggling with something close to the surface.

Mercury in Taurus Man

Men born under Mercury in Taurus are highly analytical and approach life’s problems with more skill than emotion. This makes them great leaders, but sometimes aloof partners.

He is the type of person who can never just listen to the problems of his nearest and dearest. Instead he will come up with a solution and a plan of action and tell you exactly what to do.

Men with this in their natal chart tend to be very honest with their feelings, and to express them well in terms of words. But as they don’t like to get emotional when they communicate, it can leave their partner second guessing if they mean what they say.

Mercury in Taurus Woman

Women born under Mercury in Taurus seem like they are able to keep a dozen plates in the air while remaining completely calm.

She never gets frustrated by problems that she can’t solve. And she never lets her emotions get the better of her in front of other people. But she does have a tendency to take on too much, not ask for help, and get stressed out.

Women with this in their natal chart are appealing partners as they can discuss relationship problems pragmatically and without having their judgment blinded by emotions. But she can have a tendency to make important decisions without consulting her partner.

Mercury in Taurus Compatibility

If you are born under Mercury in Taurus, while you work well with Mercury in Capricorn, you may make a better partner for someone with Mercury in one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius).

You might be drawn to Mercury in Capricorn as they have a similarly pragmatic approach to life. They also put their emotions to one side when it comes to discussing important matters. This can make for a very good working relationship in which you are both steady and happy.

But you will probably also find yourself very attracted to Mercury in the fire signs in a case of opposites attract. Unlike many other people, you can also often make these relationships work as you aren’t triggered when they fight. You provide a calm and stable anchor that keeps the relationship working.

Were You Born with Mercury in Taurus?

If you were born with Mercury in Taurus in your natal chart, you have the benefit of an analytical and pragmatic mind. You are good at seeing connections and solving problems, focussing on what needs to be done, and not what has happened.

You have a very cool, calm, and collected way of communicating. This can be calming for some but frustrates those who want an emotional response from you. Luckily your naturally soothing voice means that you can always get people back on side.

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