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Virgo and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Virgo and Libra Friendship Compatibility

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Virgo and Libra friendships are relatively rare. The two sun signs, despite being sat alongside one another on the zodiac wheel, are just so different. There is nothing to cause them to gravitate towards one another. Their horoscopes do not bring them into conflict, but they also do not make them compatible.

When the stars do align for these two to spend a lot of time together and get to see the person underneath, these two can become surprisingly good friends. But if they try to take things to a love connection, it can be very challenging, as their astrological differences take on new importance.

Here are the Virgo and Libra friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★☆☆
Fun and Excitement★☆☆☆☆
Likelihood to Last★☆☆☆☆

Virgo and Libra Compatible as Friends?

Friendships between Virgo and Libra are relatively rare, and when they do happen, challenging. This is because the two are just so different, so they struggle to form a bond that will hold them together as friends.

Both are happy to maintain a superficial acquaintance within a circle of friends, but have little urge to go further.

If circumstances do conspire to let these two get to know one another well, they can become surprisingly good friends, much to the surprise of outsiders. But if things blossom into a romantic connection, they should prepare for a rocky road ahead.

Mutual Interests

When it comes to mutual interests, if Virgo and Libra have something in common, it is because Libra is following Virgo’s lead.

Virgo tends to have unique interests that they are very dedicated to. They love challenging things that continue to give the deeper you go. They never worry about what is trendy, but rather what speaks to them.

Libra tends to develop their interests through imitation. They feed off the interest that other people show in things, and adopt them as their own. This is because nothing is more inspiring to Libra than other people and how their minds work.

The two may bond over their shared interest, but may well also be divided by the fact that Virgo likes to go deep, while Libra will probably move onto something new before hitting that level.


Virgo and Libra don’t always feel the need to be strongly loyal to one another. Libra tends to hitch their wagon to people who give them something. It might be inspiration, attention, or something else, but it can be a little transactional. When they are no longer getting what they want from the relationship, they don’t always stay loyal to it.

Add to that that there are few things Libra won’t do to ensure that they are the center of attention, gossiping and sharing secrets is not beyond them.

Virgo on the other hand can be standoffish, and it takes a lot to win their trust. And where they don’t trust, they don’t feel any need to be loyal. They won’t put themselves out for someone that they aren’t close to.

But while most Virgo-Libra friendships can be characterized in this way, if the two do develop a deep bond, they are both capable of displaying deep levels of loyalty.

Fun & Excitement

Virgo and Libra have very different approaches to fun and excitement. Virgo is happiest when they are learning something new, and prefer doing things that they think are productive. Therefore, you are much more likely to find them at the gym than at a party. They are also quite happy doing things on themselves.

Libra on the other hand thrives off the energy of being around other people, and love nothing more than a crowded room where there are lots of friends to spend time with, and the opportunity to make new ones.

It can be difficult for these two to function in one another’s world. Libra can feel frustrated when isolated, while Virgo doesn’t like performing for others. This is not a recipe for fun times together.

Likelihood to Last

If Virgo and Libra are thrown together in friendship by mutual interest or mutual friends, their connection is likely to be short-lived.

There aren’t likely to be any fireworks, but the two are just so different that they will grow apart. They won’t have a reason to call or catch up, and will move on to other things and other friendships.

They can stay quite comfortably in one another’s orbit with a superficial friendship with no complaints, but a deep connection is off the cards.

If their friendship is based on a deeper bond, however, this is a connection that is likely to last. Both are very good at understanding other people and where they come from, and therefore are very forgiving and rarely hold a grudge. So, there is no reason for this friendship not to last.


Virgo and Libra can struggle to form a deep bond, because they are just so different from one another. They don’t feel like the other person really understands them, and therefore aren’t motivated to share the deeper parts of themselves. They are happy to form a superficial friendship, with neither pushing too hard to see what’s behind the front.

However, if these two share a significant history or experience and therefore are pushed to get closer than they would naturally, there is nothing to stop these two from forming a close bond.

Libra is excellent at reading people, and Virgo is also better at seeing what people are really about than they imagine. This means that, if they choose, they can cut through the formalities and get straight to the heart of things.

While the may find the other person’s attitude alien, and even frustrating at times, both understand that it takes all types to make a world, and accept the other for exactly who they are.

Virgo and Libra Potential to be More Than Just Friends

It is not unknown for Virgo and Libra to find themselves attracted to one another. Some Virgos will be enamored by the easy way that Libra walks through life’s social challenges.

Meanwhile, Libra can find Virgo’s quiet confidence and iron will fascinating. The attraction can be incredibly strong.

But the relationship can be challenging, as each will want to do very different things. While both are happy to let the other do their own thing, it can result in the two growing apart over time.

Also, Virgo is the type that constantly needs to be reassured of their partner’s feelings, and can fall into insecurity. Libra is a bit of a flirt, though they aren’t the type to cross the line. Bit for perfectionist Virgo, even flirting can be a sign that they are not enough, which can undermine the relationship.

But when the connection between these two is just right, these challenges are not unsurmountable. Virgo can give Libra the direction that they sometimes lack, and Libra can help Virgo feel more open and willing to share their true selves.


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