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Virgo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

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Friendships between one Virgo and another Virgo tend to be among the best that they have. Aligned by their horoscope, they can understand one another in a way that others can’t. This zodiac sign is a complex mix of consummate self-confidence and inexplicable insecurity that few others can decipher.

When two people born under the sun sign of Virgo come together, they can find a friend who understands them and offers them a level of comfort that they struggle to find elsewhere. As a result, they tend to let down their defenses, and let themselves create a true and genuine bond.

Here are the Virgo and Virgo friendship key areas:

Mutual interests★★★★★
Fun and Excitement★★★★☆
Likelihood to Last★★★★☆

Virgo and Virgo Compatible as Friends?

Virgo and Virgo make excellent friends. Few people can understand complicated Virgo better than another Virgo. They share interests, and they understand the way that the other person thinks.

Virgos tend to live life with security walls up, but another Virgo can know how to break through. This can often result in a love connection, but these can be challenging as both can be reluctant to put themselves forward and show the levels of devotion that the other craves.

Mutual Interests

It will come as little surprise that two Virgos tend to have a lot of things in common. They both like things that challenge them. For example, they won’t be satisfied with just getting fit, they will want to learn a challenging martial art.

They also don’t do anything by halves. Learning a language? Once they are sufficiently confident in their skills, they will be looking to immerse themselves in the language for a few months to take things to the next level. Virgos are nothing if not thorough.

For this reason, Virgos can share their interests with one another better than with others. It can be hard to find someone else who doesn’t get frustrated with the intensity and the detail.


Virgo are kind and generous, and they would never so no to someone who asks them for help, but they aren’t the type to put themselves out there. They will never ask for help, and they won’t always offer it, usually for fear that it might not be welcome. They know that they do not always want others intruding on their business, no matter what.

For this reason, it is not always easy for others to see Virgo’s generosity of spirit. But another Virgo can see it, and appreciate the way that Virgo respects their boundaries. Plus, these two know that they can rely on each other for the things that really matter.

Fun & Excitement

Virgo’s idea of fun and excitement isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. They are never happier than when they are learning and growing, and always like to feel like they are using their time valuably. That is why they prefer to go to the gym than the bar, or to a class than a nightclub.

That doesn’t mean that they never like to socialize, but they prefer to be with people that they know and share common interests with. Despite being very good at it, they hate having to perform for strangers.

But since two Virgos are very much on the same page when it comes to fun, these two won’t have any trouble finding things to do together that they both enjoy.

Likelihood to Last

If two Virgos find themselves forming a bond, it is not easily broken. Both are very understanding of other people and what motivates them, and therefore aren’t the type to get upset or hold a grudge about anything.

If issues arrived, they should be discussed, resolved, and put to one side. Neither believes in holding past transgressions over the head of the other.

These two might not always spend a lot of time together. Virgo can be a little self-involved, and therefore spend the most time with the people with whom they share common interests. If those drop away, the friendship can as well.

But two Virgos form the type of bond where it doesn’t really matter if they don’t see each other for months, or even longer. When they get back together, they will feel just as strong and connected as ever, and will enjoy catching up and filling in the gaps.


Virgos often struggle to bond with others. They want others to see them as perfect and believe that they should never show weakness. Therefore, they tend only to share a version or vision of themselves, rather than their true reality. It can take a lot to get Virgo to drop their guard.

But another Virgo may well be able to do this. Virgo’s are extremely self-aware, and they are also better at reading other people than they give themselves credit for. As a result, they are good at seeing past armor, even the kind of iron stuff that Virgos use.

Virgos never pressure another person to open up and share, knowing just how difficult it can be, but they can show the other person that they are there if they need it. Nothing is more likely to make a Virgo feel comfortable to let someone in.

As a result, there is a very good chance that two Virgos will choose to confide in one another.

Virgo and Virgo Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Romantic feelings between two Virgos are not uncommon, as they generally find each other fascinating. And while they are both busy trying to appear like they are perfect, they are both drawn to the imperfections that they can see in one another. This is a recipe for attraction.

If two Virgos are very much on the same page, their relationship can be smooth sailing, but for most, it is more challenging.

Virgos do like to be in control. They don’t feel the need to control others, but they do need to control everything about themselves. This does mean that they like to control relationships. This can be problematic if the two iron wills are pulling in different directions. Things only tend to work out if they agree to disagree and give one another space.

But you should never give a Virgo too much space in a relationship. While most Virgo’s are quietly confident, their perfectionism means that they ate also plagued by insecurities. With this strange juxtaposition, they are the type of person to constantly question whether their partner truly loves them.

Virgo is happiest with a partner that constantly shows their love, while themselves not being the most forthcoming in this department. As such, this can be a constant source of tension.